Research and Development

Pirelli - Best in Class for Research & Development

Technological innovation plays a central role in Pirelli’s business model and is an essential element of the Pirelli strategy, especially with respect to High-Value products. Pirelli invested 7.4 per cent of its revenues from high value products in the last three years which is one of the highest levels across the world’s major tyre manufacturers.

Pirelli has more than 5,000 patents and in 2016 they spent £183.58 million on Research and Development. In the same year, it received the Oscar Masi Award for Innovation from the Italian Association for Industrial Research.

Research & Development Expertise

Approximately 6% of Pirelli’s 30,000 employees are involved in research and development spanning 110 countries including; Germany, Italy, Romania, Brazil, Mexico China, Russia and the UK.

Pirelli’s research and development is focused on three main areas:


  • Important Homologation portfolio with over 1,900 variations in Premium & Prestige
  • Range of specialties such as; 'RunFlat' and 'Seal Inside' for extended mobility and Noise cancelling systems
  • Advance Virtual Modelling


  • Modular Integrated Robotized System reduces 14 manufacturing phases down to three
  • New Mixing technologies
  • Fast automation adoption


  • Renewable material development
  • Innovative natural Nanofibers, Carbon Nanotubes and functionalize Lignine