Pirelli Performance Centres

Pirelli are as passionate about control as they are about performance, which is the reason behind the development of the Pirelli Performance Club. Established in 1998, the PPC concept was the first performance club to be established in the UK. 

Pirelli Performance Centres are a group of elite, high-performance tyre dealerships that offer unrivalled levels of expertise when it comes to recommending, fitting and balancing high performance tyres. A service that is complemented by first-class customer care and attention. 

Since its conception in 1998, The Pirelli Performance Club has gone from strength to strength, although the key objectives remain the same; to provide a network of dealers who have high levels of technical knowledge and commitment to service, which allows Pirelli to direct drivers of High Performance cars to PPC’s with confidence. 

Acquiring the PPC status is no easy feat. Pirelli Performance Centres receive the most demanding of technical audits, twice a year. The current audit consists of 130 separate items but it is constantly evolving to ensure the highest standards are; met, retained and improved upon, in every Pirelli Performance Centre.

Protyre proudly possess the largest number of Pirelli Performance Centres than any other Tyre Retailer in the UK, with 39 of the 124 PPCs in the UK, Protyre garages. Accreditations are categorised into Platinum, Gold, Silver and Passed. Search for your closest Pirelli performance Centre using the menus below.

Protyre's Pirelli Performance Centres 


The garages below have all been accredited with the Platinum status, the highest possible ranking, displaying exceptional levels of knowledge when recommending Pirelli tyres for high-performance cars::