Michelin Total Performance Tyres

No matter what your driving style or daily commute, you need a tyre that can match the challenges that you and your vehicle face every day.

Tyres need to deliver on a range of perfromance factors, not just one.

Michelin Total Performance integrates all the key performance factors you might require and brings these together in one tyre.

Learn more about Michelin Total Performance and the Michelin road usage lab...

Michelin believes a tyre that offers Total Performance is a better match for your various driving challenges. This is why we never stop looking for ways to improve our understanding of driving usage.

We're now taking our research further. To gather even more knowledge about driving usage and behaviour, we are setting up a live driving lab, fitting special monitoring equipment in the cars of 3,000 people across Europe - for more information please visit the Michelin Total Performance website.