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Michelin works closely with all the major car manufacturers to help develop and fit the best tyres for your new vehicle.

Depending on what Volkswagen car, 4x4 or van you buy from new, you can be sure that hours of research and development have gone into deciding what brand and tread pattern of tyre your vehicle comes with as original equipment.

For VW vehicles, the Michelin product range has been designed to offer the very latest in advanced, fuel efficient and high performance tyre technology for your VW car, van or 4x4. So even if your Volkswagen did not come on Michelin tyres when new, Protyre.co.uk can offer the full range of Michelin products, and will be able to advise you on the most suitable Michelin tyre for your driving style and vehicle.

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Volkswagen has maintained its innovative approach and development to vehicle technologies that benefit and protect their owners. That development of technologies continues apace and the latest development is XDS, an advanced electronic differential lock linked to the ESP (Electronic Stability Program) designed to maximise roadholding and improve responses, especially when braking.

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Tyres are of course a key element in ensuring that these technologies perform to their maximum and Michelin engineers have consistently working closely with Volkswagen to engineer their tyres to take full advantage of these market leading safety systems.

Michelin has been a long term supplier of tyres to Volkswagen for the complete VW range of cars and light commercial vehicles. In addition to summer, winter and cold weather replacement tyres, the company supply run flat tyres, to use the technical term Self Supporting Tyres (SST) which will allow your VW to run on safely for 50 miles at 50 mph. 

Michelin has also developed a special tyre range of the successful 4x4 Tourareg. Michelin has developed a special range of tyres for 4x4 vehicles called the Latitude Cross designed for MPV’s, 4x4’s and pick-ups. This multi-purpose tyre provides off-road traction coupled with excellent on-road performance.