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Michelin works closely with all the major car manufacturers to help develop and fit the best tyres for your new vehicle.

Depending on what BMW car or 4x4 you buy from new, you can be sure that hours of research and development have gone into deciding what brand and tread pattern of tyre your vehicle comes with as original equipment.

For BMW vehicles, Michelin has an extremely close relationship with both the performance, 'M' Sport division and the mainstream product lines. The current Michelin product range has been designed to offer the very latest in advanced, performance tyre technology for your premium German car or 4x4. So even if your BMW did not come on Michelin tyres when new, Protyre.co.uk can offer the full range of Michelin products, and will be able to advise you on the most suitable Michelin tyre for your driving style and vehicle.

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The BMW 3-Series range is arguably one of the most successful and best-selling ranges of saloon and coupe models ever produced by a European manufacturer. Michelin has been a long-term o/e supplier for the 3-Series range, from the 4-door saloon model, coupe, compact to the active hybrid, developing tyres that fit the performance and handling requirements for this sporting range of executive cars.

The range of Michelin tyres covers summer through to cold weather and winter tyres and includes the fuel-efficient Energy Saver+ to the Primacy HP for high performance and luxury models. Specific Michelin energy saving tyres marked with a * have been developed for key BMW models. The inconvenience of experiencing a flat tyre has been alleviated with the development of the so called Self Supporting Tyre (SST) more commonly known as a run flat tyre.

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For BMW models Michelin run flat tyres use ZP technology which allow the driver to continue driving safely for up to 50 miles at 50 mph. Selecting the right tyre for your BMW 3-Series or for that matter all the cars in the BMW range could not be easier, log on to www.michelin.co.uk and search for BMW and the Michelin Tyre Selector will provide a choice of the range of tyres for your specific model. For maximum safety Michelin will always suggest replacing tyres in pairs or all four at the same time.

Watch how Michelin has been a long-standing partner on the development of the infamous M5 series of sports saloons. As part of the global launch of the new BMW M5, Maximilian Ahme, Project Director at BMW Motorsport, talks about the 30-year links between the Bavarian manufacturer and Michelin and the co-development work that led to the exclusive approval of the MICHELIN Pilot Super Sport as original equipment on the new model.