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Acclaimed for its driving dynamics and safety

Michelin Latitude Sport 3

  • Homologation with most popular SUV models

  • Brakes 2.7m shorter*

  • +10% of tread footprint for improved safety in the wet

  • Continuous central RIB for improved torque transfer during braking and acceleration

  • Two-ply carcass for high robustness for SUVs dedicated to 100% road usage

  • Innovative tread compound for excellent mileage and improved safety and fuel economy

  • Variable thickness sipes to reduce rolling resistance

The Michelin Latitude Sport 3 is one of our most popular 4x4 tyres. Designed as an ultra-high performance 4x4 / SUV / Crossover tyre, the Latitude Sport 3 is recommended by as one of the best 4x4 tyres on the market.

The Latitude sport 3 range gives excellent braking performance in the wet and dry, with a low rolling resistance for better fuel economy and longevity.

Chosen by the world's leading 4x4 and SUV manufacturers, the Latitude Sport 3 is renowned for its dynamic and sporty feel, for that reason it is fitted as standard to the Porsche Macan range of Sports SUVs.

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