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Fuel efficient tyres for city cars, MPVs and family cars

Michelin Energy Saver +

  • Save up to 60 litres of fuel cmopared to its predecessor*

  • Safety and longevity

  • Optimised profule with 10% larger tyre footprint for better road contact and excellent grip

  • Eco N Grip technology with improved molecular cohesion to reduce heat build up

  • Increased fuel savings with excellent longevity

  • Under-tread layer developed with low rolling resistance to reduce fuel consumption

The Energy Saver+ from Michelin has been designed to offer great all-round performance but with an extremely low rolling resistance to give you the best possible longevity and economy from your car tyres.

The Energy Saver+ is the most fuel efficient tyre Michelin manufactures and one of our most popular tyres bought online at

The Energy Saver+ is ideally suited for drivers who want the best economy from their tyres but without compromising the tyres performance when braking in the wet or dry.

Designed to lower rolling resistance and increase fuel efficiency, MICHELIN® Energy Saver tyres are lighter and offer better contact with the road over the leading competitor. See how the tyres increase fuel performance during this high speed race.

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