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The GT Radial brand is now positioned within the top 10 largest tyre manufacturers in the world, in terms of volume and revenue. Offering a complete product range and exporting passenger car, light truck, heavy truck and bus tyres to over 100 countries around the world. With state of the art R&D capabilities, premium quality products and a competitive manufacturing base, GT Radial is focused on building sustainable partnerships with retail partners to provide the end user with value added products and services.

GT Radial is fully committed to maintaining the very highest standard of quality control procedures and has obtained ISO9001:2000 and ISO/TS16949:2002 accreditation for all of five key manufacturing plants. In addition, all plants have obtained or are in the process of obtaining ISO14001 Environmental Management System Accreditation.

More about GT Radial

All TBR and PCR tyres produced by GT Radial for export to Europe satisfy standards for all the European Union legal directives, regulations and standards. E-mark Safety and Noise Certification tests are performed and accredited by TüV NORD. GT RADIAL’s research and development efforts have enabled the development of European Mission Matched products and have also helped improve product design and production technology to maintain a leading market position. In addition to in-house research and development capabilities, GT Radial also collaborates with various leading universities and top research institutions such as National Quality Examination Centre for Rubber Tyre, Smithers Research Laboratories, USA and TUV Automotive GmbH Tyre/Wheel Test Centre in Germany.

GT Radial and Micheldever’s collaboration provides you with a superior package, offering both global tyre expertise and the ability to deliver the products you and your customers want, when and where you need them.

World class products from Asia’s largest integrated tyre manufacturer, premium service, valuable initiatives and excellent support; all equates to your superior package from the UK’s largest independent wholesaler and one of the world’s top ten tyre manufacturers.

Micheldever is the largest independent wholesaler, retailer and distributor of tyres in the UK, recognised as a premier service provider in tyre distribution, holding 20% market share in the UK. Micheldever’s nationwide network guarantees access to the largest selection of tyres with the greatest availability at the most competitive prices. Micheldever has built a reputation based on providing excellent customer service and believing passionately in providing exceptional value for money. Established in 1970 Micheldever quickly developed an association for specialising in tyre supplies and prides itself on offering: Best Products, Best Availability, Best Overall Price

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Champiro HPY

Champiro HPY is a premium ultra high performance

tyre that combines a dynamic and sporty drive with safety and comfort.

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Champiro UHP1

Champiro UHP1 is an ultra high performance tyre

offering excellent wet and dry handling, precise cornering

and braking providing you with an exciting driving experience.

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Champiro VP1

Champiro VP1 is a versatile comfort tire, balancing comfort,

control, safety and mileage in normal summer weather conditions.

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Champiro FE1

The Champiro FE1 is GT Radial's latest high performance tyre, combining superb mileage, a quiet and smooth drive, great handling and an eye on fuel savings.

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Champiro HPY SUV

Champiro HPY SUV is ultra high performance

summer tyre providing ultimate balance in both

wet and dry conditions.

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Savero HT Plus

Savero HT Plus is designed for pick-ups, light trucks

and SUVs to deliver comfort and control.

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Adventuro A/T

Adventuro A/T is an all terrain tyre for light trucks and SUVs designed to provide a balance between highway and all terrain capability.

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Adventuro M/T

Adventuro M/T is a mud terrain and maximum

traction tyre and is the most aggressive and

rugged tyre in the GT Radial range.

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Maxmiler Pro

Maxmiler Pro is a premium mileage, new generation commercial

tyre with improved wear and durability for heavy useage on all roads.

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Maxmiler EX

Maxmiler EX is a premium comfort van tyre,

providing high load capacity for modern high speed commercial vans.

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Champiro WinterPro HP

Champiro WinterPro HP is an ultra high performance winter tyre,

developed for drivers to retain precision of their high performance

sports car, sedan or coupe during winter conditions.

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Maxmiler WT

Maxmiler WT is a commercial winter tyre, exclusively designed

for commercial light truck, with advanced tread compound and durable carcass.

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Savero SUV

The Savero SUV features a modern design, combining in a high perfromance summer tyre, the best comfort and the right balance in both wet and dry conditions.

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