Technology and Innovation

Goodyear's tyre innovation has been ongoing since 1898 leading to the company becoming one of the largest tyre manufacturers globally employing 69,000 staff and boasting 52 manufacturing facilities, in 22 countries.


Sound Comfort Technology

Sound Comfort Technology reduces interior vehicle noise levels by up to 50%. This is possible by attaching a foam ring to the inner surface of the tyre and there is no compromise on the peformance capabilities. 



Sealtech technology automatically seals punctures (up to 5mm) in the tyre tread area without the need to stop or replace the tyre immediately afte the puncture. This innovative technology does this even after the object that caused the puncture has been dislodged. 

With no noticeable variation in performance between a Goodyear Sealtech tyre and a Goodyear Standard tyre, the Sealtech is viewed as a practical alternative to a spare tyre. 


Tall and Narrow

Goodyear's 'Tall and Narrow' tyre has been specifically developed for the new Renault Scenic.

'Tall' refers to the rim diameter. A larger rim diameter provides many benefits which include:
  • Less tyre deformation
  • Less heat generated within tyre
  • Lower rolling resistance
  • Lower fuel consumption
'Narrow' refers to a narrower section width which has following benefits:
  • Improved aerodynamics resulting in lower fuel consumption
  • Reduced noise
  • Improved aquaplaning resistance
The Tall and Narrow tyre is available in the the following tread patterns:

Making driving better

Goodyear's engineers and scientists are at the cutting edge of innovation in rubber and polymer science in addition to physics, mathematics and computing.

This means they are specialists at developing brilliant new tyre technologies for today's drivers by producing tyres suitable for any types of conditions.