Goodyear Tyres

Goodyear has always valued life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We are the brand for people who believe in the wonder of opportunity and want to get things moving. We empower them to feel free and enjoy their journey, because we know that being on a journey means making every moment count. These are our moments of truth – where the rubber meets the road.

Welcome to Goodyear. Made to Feel Good.


Creating a future of firsts

To see what you can expect from Goodyear in the future, just look at their past. They have always been a company that dreams big and pushes forward.

It all started in 1898, when Goodyear’s founder Frank Sieberling borrowed some money from his brother-in-law. With this, he opened the first plant of the Goodyear tyre and Rubber Company.

He named the company after inventor Charles Goodyear, whom he admired for his discoveries in vulcanization. He chose the Talaria, the winged sandals of myth, to be the company’s symbol because they embodied the spirit of our products. This original vision for the company continues today. 

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Made to go further - Our innovation

A steady flow of exciting new products and materials requires a continuous flow of creative ideas. New thinking has always been at the core of Goodyear’s approach. In 1943, we established a major research facility that has since become the birthplace of thousands of patented innovations. These innovations produce numerous award wins each and every year.

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