Techology and Innovation

Breathing Pumice: Naturally "Breathing" Material

Pumice is a porous, inorganic rock that forms during volcanic eruptions due to the extremely high temperatures of over 1000°C.

In a similar style to the rhythm of the respiratory system, the porous pumice stone initially absorbs water from the road and then releases it again, which is where it gets the name 'Breathing Pumice'.

This new rubber mixture helps to repel icy road surfaces whilst it absorbs the water from the ground which significantly improves the driving force.


Nur Spec

'NUR Spec' is a rubber mixture and design that has been developed on insights gained during the 24 hour race at the famous Nürburgring.

The NUR Spec structure, consists of a continuously coiled cover layer and a second layer of coverage in the shoulder area which both, increases the ground pressure of the tread and significantly improves directional stability at high speeds.

The increased rigidity of the side walls enhances cornering stability and the noise level is reduced by phase-shifted profile blocks. This use of a new rubber mixture with a high silica content addresses the challenge of balancing the desire for a soft tyre with good traction (even on wet road surfaces) and long service life,  with high mileage.

In addition, the NUR Spec rubber mixture creates improved handling and a perfect grip in all road conditions.


Falken Special Eyes®

The engineers at Falken have developed a new innovative system that informs the driver about the wear on their tyres. 

SPECIAL EYES® eradicate estimations for when tyres need replacing by providing reliable indicators embedded directly into the tyres. The system comprises reliable indicators that are integrated into the tyres themselves.
The Falken ZIEX ZE914, ZIEX ZE912 and SINCERA SN828 all incorporate these special depressions in the tread surface that change their shape as the tyre tread reduces with progressive wear. These change shape with increasing erosion, easily and reliably indicating when the tyre requires replacing.


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