Falken Tyre Series

Falken Tyres produce a wide range of high quality tyres that are suitable for all customer requirements. Some of the most popular series are listed below, simply click on the title to view buying options.

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Falken Ziex ZE914

  • Asymmetrical tread design of tyre shoulders and four longitudinal grooves guarantee maximum road grip
  • Improved water uptake and dispersion optimising braking and handling in wet conditions
  • Stiff tread blocks enhance directional stability and add sportiness to cornering
  • Small horizontal grooves and sipes optimise handling and driving comfort

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Falken Azensis FK510

  • Innovative, new compound, maximising safety and enhancing driver confidence
  • Outstanding wet and dry handling
  • Exceptionally stable in high-speed corners
  • Shorter braking distance

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Falken Sincera SN832

  • Improved fuel efficiency
  • Superior performance in wet conditions
  • Carefully optimised rubber compound to ensure lower friction
  • Less heat generation and an improved rolling resistance

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