Dunlop are committed to protecting and respecting the environment
Being front-runners in innovation, technology and advancement in the industry is not enough. Dunlop have become environmentally aware and have met the demands of the environment by adopting sustainable practices by using their resources more efficiently.
Dunlop have come a long way in terms of giving back to the environment. Listed below are a few key factors they have initiated:
  • Integration of Environmental Management System (EMS) as a useful tool which integrates quality, environment, health and safety in one neat system.
  • Environmental KPI targets which meet legal, operational and business requirements.
  • Dunlop’s environmental performance is regularly audited and reviewed to ensure they are keeping on track of their targets.
  • All directors and senior management attend Environmental Awareness training.
  • Environmental Co-Ordinators are appointed to ensure Dunlop’s EMS is implemented and maintained in accordance with ISO 14001 stipulations.
  • In terms of design, Dunlop continually work on improving their tyre technology to produce low-rolling resistance tyres meaning lower temperature generation for longer-lasting products and better fuel economy.
  • Constantly developing new materials for lighter tyres.
  • Dunlop recycle a vast number of products such as: Rubber, wood, metal, paper and plastics
  • Paperless processing for orders in their new warehouse
  • Dunlop have been instrumental in assisting the European Union prepare a directive aimed at reducing noise pollution on tyres.