Research and Development

Dunlop pride themselves on their extensive research and development when it comes to creating and producing outstanding Tyre Technology. The Tyre Development Team will work tirelessly alongside engineers from car manufacturers prior to the launch of a new vehicle to define and discuss requirements and specifications for new models to ensure all Dunlop products are fit for purpose, and at the forefront of design and innovation within the industry.
To ensure they are producing products that are suitable for the full range of driving conditions encountered around the globe, Dunlop will work closely with the major car manufacturers to develop suitable tyres for all vehicle makes and models. This collaborative effort is honed and defined by the Dunlop Global Development Team through their two main Research and Development Centres in Asia and Europe.

This expertise has resulted in outstanding products and has paid off significantly through Dunlop’s co-operation with their Japanese colleagues from Sumitomo Rubber Industries (SRI).
The most notable of inventions Dunlop can claim are the three most famous and important developmental pillars, namely: Discovery of the Aquaplaning Phenomenon, Self-Supporting Tyre and 3S Technology.