Dunlop Tyre Series

Dunlop manufacture premium quality tyres suitable for a wide range of customer requirements. The most popular series can be found below, simply click on the tyre's title for the buying options.

If it is a specific size, load or speed rating you are looking for then use our quick and easy Dunlop tyre finder at the bottom of the page to search through Protyre's extensive selection of Dunlop Tyres. 

Dunlop Sport BluResponse

  • Fuel Economy: An aerodynamic shape and low-heat compound reduces reduce rolling resistance by 30%, 
  • Superb performance in the wet: Polymer compound provides better grip and handling on wet roads and large central grooves in tread evacuate water quickly
  • Noise reduction: Closed shoulder grooves suppress noise emission providing a quieter ride
  • Improved braking: Extra-stiff blocks increase road contact under braking force reducing braking distances on wet and dry roads
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Dunlop SP Sport Maxx RT 2

  • Greater road feedback and steering precision: Reduced diameter and coating to get them closer to the road and boost steering precision
  • Greater cornering grip on wet and dry roads: Enhanced strength and stiffness thanks to more rubber-to-road contact ensures improved cornering grip
  • Shorter braking distance and greater speeds: Increased block rigidity from optimised geometry ensures shorter high-speed braking distances
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Dunlop SP Winter Response 2

  • Superb cornering grip on snow: Featuring tread pattern with 45⁰ shoulder sipes for better traction when cornering on snow and ice
  • Excellent Winter Braking: Reverse Snowguide block pattern captures snow in centreline of tyre tread for increased contact area, ensuring more grip when braking
  • Good handling in wet weather: High-density sipes ensure biting edges for improved wet weather braking and handling
  • Reduced rolling resistance: Optimised shape construction ensures less deformation than standards tyres improving rolling resistance and fuel economy
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Dunlop SP Winter Sport 4D

  • Superb performance on winter roads: The unique tread design with high grip materials delivers optimal control on snow, ice, wet and dry surfaces
  • Great control and grip the wet: Features directional grooves that evacuate water quickly and prevent aquaplaning. High grip compound delivers shorter braking distances on wet roads
  • Improved snow and ice traction: Unique tread design puts more biting edges in contact with the road, providing enhanced traction on snow and ice
  • Designed to save fuel: Lightweight construction and materials means minimised energy to roll resulting in lower fuel costs and CO2 emissions
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