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Continental strive for nothing less than excellence. Early inventions included the world's first tyre with tread pattern in 1904, to the visionary eContact electric vehicle tyre range and our technological automotive innovations - Continental are constantly developing their expertise in mobility, transport and processing. 

Safety is at the heart of everything Continental do and their dedicated workforce is producing forward-thinking solutions and products, as well as operating and delivering at an impeccable standard. 

Since Continental was founded in 1871, it has worked towards one ultimate goal:

'To bring safety to the streets without compromising driving comfort or pleasure.'


Continental’s Vision Zero, a world with zero accidents, injuries or fatalities. An ambitious goal the business has set itself. And for good reasons. Only Continental knows the entire braking process in every detail – from pedal to tyre. Apart from its innovative tyre products, the Continental Automotive Group has already developed game-changing safety technologies that can be found in most of today's modern cars: ABS, ESC and EBA, to name just a few. And this is only the beginning. With the on-going rise and evolution of the intelligent car, there is more potential than ever to reach Vision Zero. The vision aims to address all those active on our roads, from drivers, to fleet operators, to safety bodies and cyclists.

The above video showcases one of the Vision Zero Live events which Continental started in 2017. They run them across several locations in the UK and Ireland, including Gloucestershire, Leicestershire, Yorkshire and Co. Kildare. These have proved to be an unqualified success, with both drivers and tyre retailers alike introduced to Continental’s wide range of electronic automotive safety technology solutions. Participants have also gained a first hand experience (as both a driver and passenger) of how the quality of a tyre positively or negatively affects driving.

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Continental has won over 80% of tyre tests in the past decade and 2017 saw more success with a double win in the Auto Express Tyre Awards. The ContiPremiumContact 5 reigning supreme in the summer category with the WinterContact TS 860 securing top spot for winter.


For years the Auto Express summer and winter tyre tests have been the benchmark for performance, celebrating the best of the best in the tyre market. The awards continue to highlight exceptional performance, quality, safety, desirability and value. They are seen within the motoring industry as a stamp of approval that offers motoring enthusiasts confidence when looking for their next tyre purchase.

The Auto Express Ultimate tyre test pitted the Continental ContiPremiumContact 5 against ten competitor summer tyres in size 205/55R16. Speaking about the winning performance, Auto Express said: “The PremiumContact 5 continues to lead the field in summer tyres, delivering high quality performance across multiple testing disciplines. With sharp handling in wet and dry, the PremiumContact 5 continues to be a hard act to follow.”

Continuing on from its success in 2016, the Continental WinterContact TS 860 won the coveted award from the UK's no1 weekly selling car magazine for a second year in a row, winning the 2017 Auto Express winter tyre test. Auto Express had this to say on the TS 860: “Continental’s winter tyre, the TS 860, is the number one of its kind. With confident driving in twists and turns, and great braking, Continental continues to deliver high performance winter tyres. For winter conditions here in the UK, this is the tyre to have – not many competitors can really compete.

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