Continental Tyres

Continental strive for nothing less than excellence. Early inventions included the world's first tyre with tread pattern in 1904, to the visionary eContact electric vehicle tyre range and our technological automotive innovations - Continental are constantly developing their expertise in mobility, transport and processing. 

Safety is at the heart of everything Continental do and their dedicated workforce is producing forward-thinking solutions and products, as well as operating and delivering at an impeccable standard. 

Since Continental was founded in 1871, it has worked towards one ultimate goal:

'To bring safety to the streets without compromising driving comfort or pleasure.'


Continental's future is rooted in their company values. Their healthy, corporate culture allows the individual strengths of stakeholders to be unleashed to their full potential in terms of the way they interact. This creates the necessary energy for profitable growth and generating the greatest possible value. Systematically promoting and shaping profitable growth is the task of our four integral core initiatives: 

  • “Quality First” for the highest level of quality 
  • “Continental Business System“, our initiative for creating the greatest possible productivity and healthy workflows 
  • "Ultra-modern corporate culture" for efficient and effective team spirit in global competition 
  • “Balance of Cooperation” for the right amount of centralized and decentralized responsibility. 

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