Innovation & Sustainability

Bridgestone's continuous investment in research and tyre development has resulted in innovative inventions such as; winter tyres with better grip, fuel-efficient tyres that enhance fuel economy and safety products that stand out from their competitors like their next-generation run-flat tyres.


DriveGuard tyres innovative design works in two ways:

  • A reinforced sidewall to support the weight of your car even when there is no air in your tyre 
  • A proprietary cooling fin which helps prevent excess heating from friction.
An ordinary tyre quickly loses all of its air and stops supporting a vehicle. DriveGuard tyres also lose air but the reinforced sidewalls continue to support the vehicle's weight. This means a vehicle with a set of DriveGuard tyres, can continue driving safely, even after getting a flat. for up to 50 miles and at maximum 50 miles per hour.

Run-Flat Technology

A car produces additional friction when it is running on the reinforced sidewalls and this can cause a heat build-up. The DriveGuard’s unique cooling fins redistribute the flow of air around the tyre which helps minimise heat build-up. The video below demonstrates how this innovative technology works. 

How Cooling Fins Work


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Driveguard Winter:
  • Available for most cars equipped with TPMS
  • Driveguard Winter Tyres offer comfort and outstanding control in all winter conditions
  • Providing customers with peace of mind for nearly all types of tyre damage

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Driveguard Summer:
  • Available for most cars equipped with TPMS
  • Offer comfort and best in class performance
  • Ensuring customers have peace of mind for nearly all types of tyre damage

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