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Catch up with your car's maintenance schedule, discover and fix problems early on and solve issues to get back on the road fast with car servicing from the professionals at Protyre. Our experts at over 189 UK locations are ready and waiting to inspect and service your car, fixing any and every issue for a great price!
Check out our bronze, silver and gold service packages below and book your car service today. Any questions? No problem - just call us on 033330602294 or enquire via email.

Why choose Protyre for your car service?

Protyre is the UK leader in vehicle maintenance - and that extends to car servicing too. We have around 180+ garages up and down the UK, staffed by qualified technicians who know how to diagnose issues and provide lasting fixes.
Our customers are big fans of our car servicing and rate us Excellent as a result. So, whether you're looking for a quick interim car service or want a full service in anticipation of your MOT, find the right service package for you and book your appointment today.

Service offering Gold SilverBronze
Engine inspection, change oil & filter
Inspect engine for oil leaks
Drain and change oil and filter
Inspect radiator and radiator cap
Check coolant hoses
Inspect expansion bottle, tank and cap
Check condition & tension of fan / alternator
Check condition & tension of auxiliary belts
Inspect and top up anti-freeze as required
Check and renew air filter
Check spark plug schedule & report as required*
Check timing belt schedule & report as required*
Inspect electrical components of vehicle
Inspect interior and exterior lights
Inspect warning lights
Inspect battery charge and terminals
Check diesel plug indicator as appropriate
Inspect HT leads, distributor cap as required
Check horn
Inspect drive system & associated fluids
Inspect clutch operation
Inspect driveshaft, joints, gaiters and boots
Check & top up clutch & axle oil
Check & top up transmission / gearbox fluid as required
Steering and suspension components
Check power steering & top up reservoir as required
Check steering components for wear and corrosion
Check condition of steering rack gaiters
Inspect wheel bearings
Inspect shock absorbers
Inspect suspension
Inspect vehicle windscreens & mirrors
Check windscreen washers, wipers, & function
Top up windscreen wash as required
Check windscreen security & any chips / cracks
Inspect mirrors (interior and exterior)
Inspect number plate
Inspect exhaust system
Inspect exhaust system & catalysts as appropriate
Braking system & associated parts
Check brake pads for wear or damage
Check calipers for leaks and security
Check brake shoes for wear or damage
Inspect operation of wheel cylinders & report links
Check brake discs / drums for cracks & corrosion
Test and report brake fluid boiling point
Inspect brake hydraulic system
Inspect handbrake
Inspect ABS warning light
Check brake fluid & replacement schedule & report*
Inspect Fuel Filter & Caps
Fuel cap & fuel lines
Check fuel filter and replacement schedule & report*
Tyre inspection
Check tyre tread depth
Check tyre pressures
Check general tyre condition
Check tyres for uneven wear
Check tyre age
Check spare tyre
Inspect TPMS valves
Inspect TPMS warning light / sensor
Check pollen filter schedule & report
Reset vehicle service light as appropriate
Lubricate door hinges, bonnet catch & locks
Inspect seatbelts front & rear
Road test
Stamp log book

Car service - frequently asked questions

You should service your car because doing so can prevent plenty of annoying and expensive vehicle maintenance problems. 

First, if you don’t get your car serviced periodically – every six or 12 months, for example – then you run the risk of letting small problems that are cheap to fix turn into much larger, more expensive ones.

Your car may also stop working due to maintenance issues, which can be a much more disruptive and annoying situation to deal with than the minor inconvenience of getting a car service booked.

Then there’s the safety dimension to consider: do you really want to drive a banged-up car with components which might suddenly snap while you’re behind the wheel?

Car services aren’t like MOTs, though. In a service, if your MOT certificate is valid and your technician finds an issue which would result in an MOT failure, you can still drive home – though it can make much more sense to get the issue fixed there and then.

To learn more about the many reasons why you should service your car, have a look at our handy guide.

When your car needs a service, there are often plenty of ways it’ll let you know. Understanding these is an important part of getting repairs done quickly and economically: 

  • Your car’s service interval says it’s time

  • Dashboard warning lights

  • Issues with braking

  • Strange noises

  • Stalling and engine issues

  • Vibrations and shuddering

  • Problems with ignition

  • Increased fuel use

  • Noise during gear changes

  • Smoky exhaust emissions

To learn more about identifying the above, plus other things to watch out for, read our guide to the 10 signs that your car needs a service.

Protyre’s car service packages are available across three servicing tiers, with each one including checks for different driver and vehicle needs. This means you can get the most from your car service without paying for testing and fixes you don’t need – or missing out on important ones!

Our car servicing packages – Gold (full: 59 checks), Silver (interim: 48 checks) and Bronze(basic: 27 checks) – are available for most makes and models. So, whatever the condition, history or age of your vehicle or your maintenance schedule, our car services will include the right checks for your specific motoring requirements.

To see a full list of the many car servicing checks that come with our Bronze, Silver and Gold packages, check our guide on what is included in a car service from Protyre.

Alternatively, call our team on 03330602294 or chat to us via email and let our experts advise you on the right car service for your vehicle and driving style.

We all want to reduce the cost of our car maintenance, so you’re probably wondering how much a car service is. Well, it depends on the level of servicing you need. Our quickest Bronze service costs from £79, Silver from £109 and Gold from £169.

The exact price you pay will also consider some other factors. First, the fewer problems that are fixed, the lower your final bill will be. As a result, more in-depth car services can cost more than ones that only check the oil system.

The exact parts that need fixing or replacing can impact how much a car service costs, too. Large-scale engine repairs will cost more than a faulty brake pad, for instance.

Additionally, car services cost more in certain areas of the country, and the price can differ depending on which garage you choose.

To learn more about the cost of a car service, visit our guide.

** While our prices are competitive, servicing pricing may vary depending on engine size and vehicle type. Luxury cars, certain vehicle marques and engines over 2.5L may be subject to change.

The time it takes to service a car depends on a few different things – though, if no issues are found, a full service will take around three hours, letting you get back behind the wheel on the very same day.

If problems are discovered that need fixing, you will be told about these by the garage and mechanic. They’ll advise you on what needs to be done to solve the issue, how long it will take to source the parts needed, and then how long it’ll take to fix.

For more information, check out our guide on how long a full car service takes.

Unsure when your car service is due? The exact service interval and due date varies depending on the make and model of your car but, generally:

  • Full (Gold) car service –Due every 12 months or 12,000 miles (whichever comes first)

  • Interim (Silver) car service –Due every six months or 6,000 miles (again, whichever comes first)

  • Basic (Bronze) car service –Due whenever the car’s engine oil and oil filter require replacement

If you’re still unsure when your car service is due. See our guide on when cars need servicing.

Once you’ve booked your car service appointment and the day has arrived, it’s important to bring the right things with you to make your mechanic’s job easier.

You can bring the locking wheel nuts to help the mechanic check the wheel assemblies, and you’ll need to leave your car keys with them too. Also, providing a full service history and the service book can be useful. That said, you won’t be turned away from your car service appointment if you don’t have these items with you.

For more information, check out our handy guide.

If you’ve just got yourself a new, shiny motor, chances are that a car service is the last thing on your mind. However, it makes smart sense to know exactly when you’ll have to call up your local garage.

Your new car will need its new service depending on its specific service interval, which you can find in the vehicle’s handbook. Typically this is after 12 months or 12,000 miles – whichever comes first.

Want to know more? See our guide on when new cars need their first service.