When should I service my car?

Most cars these days, thanks to the wonders of modern technology, will be able to tell you themselves when they’re in need of a service. This will usually result in a light or a short message appearing on the car’s dashboard. But what if you are the owner of an older vehicle that isn’t able to tell you?
Everyone should think about car servicing how often depends on how they use their car. Perhaps the most straightforward way to find out is to look at the owner's manual. There will most likely be a section in the back of the manual which will list the types of service you should carry out and at what intervals. Of course, if you no longer have the manual then a general rule of thumb is that owners should service their vehicles at least every 12 months or every 12000 miles driven, whichever of the two comes around first. Those who are high mileage drivers or drive vehicles that are older should perhaps consider servicing every six months or every 6000 miles driven.
Even if you are someone who doesn't drive regularly, you should still have your vehicle serviced on a regular basis. Fluids within modern vehicles can be affected by moisture and degradation over time and should thus be replaced or inspected at regular intervals. The fluids to consider include transmission fluid, engine oil, brake fluid, clutch fluid and engine coolant.

What might happen if you don’t service your car on time?

If you don’t service your car regularly, this can lead to an array of problems from poor performance through to mechanical failure and a decrease in fuel economy. If, for example, you don’t change your car’s engine oil on time, it will deteriorate slowly which can result in engine spaces becoming contaminated with carbon which can then cause a blockage.

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Adverse Operating Conditions

If your vehicle operates under adverse operating conditions, then it may well be worth having it serviced more often. But what constitutes adverse operating conditions? Examples include a vehicle that stops and starts on a continuous basis because of city driving; situations in which you drive at high speeds on a regular basis; or those in which your vehicle has to pull a heavy load such as caravan. In these situations, you might want to think about servicing it every 3 months or 4000 miles.
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