When is my car service due?

Modern cars are much more reliable than those of a few decades ago, so much so that it's easy to forget that they need servicing from time to time. Although car servicing intervals have got longer in recent years, that doesn't mean that servicing is not important.
Having your car serviced regularly helps to keep it running smoothly, and the service can often pick up any developing problems that may otherwise get overlooked. On new cars, regular servicing helps protect your warranty. Of course, if your car is three years old or more, it will also need an MOT test, and it can be a good idea to book this and a service at the same time, so that any issues can be addressed before the test, reducing the chance of failure.

When should my car be serviced?

All cars will have come with a handbook when new. At the back of this, or sometimes in a separate booklet, there will be a service record. This should be stamped each time the car is serviced, even though main dealers now often record service histories on computer.
These pages should also tell you the service intervals required, and these are usually in miles and in time. So, a service will usually be required at, say, 10,000 miles or one year, whichever is sooner. On many cars now, service intervals are much longer and often, the on-board electronics will tell you with an on-dash warning when a service is needed. This means that the service interval will vary depending on how the car has been used.
If you only do a low mileage, it's worth having the car serviced and the oil changed annually anyway, even though the systems tell you that it isn't actually due. This will help ensure the car has a long life and that any latent problems are picked up.

Service levels

At Protyre, we offer three levels of servicing. Our Bronze level is ideal for high mileage drivers and those that do a lot of short, stop/start journeys. It includes an oil and filter change, a check and top up of other essential fluids, a check of the battery and some essential safety checks such as brake wear and tyre tread depth.
The Silver level includes all of the above, plus a more thorough check of electrical components, timing belt and more. This is an ideal service for those who do a fairly low annual mileage. Combine it with your MOT for maximum peace of mind. We offer free MOT retests, should anything lead to a failure.
The Gold service is Protyre's most comprehensive option, and it includes inspection of the radiator and coolant hoses for leaks, a check of clutch operation and gearbox fluid, and replacement of the fuel filter, if needed. If you need a thorough annual service, perhaps to give you peace of mind before a long trip, this is a great option. Of course, we'll carry out your MOT and MOT retests at the same time if required.