What is a Full Service History?

Full service history, sometimes abbreviated to FSH, is something that you’ll often see in adverts for used cars. But what exactly is a full service history? And why is it important?
What an FSH used to mean was a full set of dealer stamps in the manufacturer’s service book. In some cases, it would also mean a stack of receipts for work done, new tyres fitted, accessories added, a pile of old MOT certificates and more. In fact, in the classic car world, this kind of service history is still prized and the more paperwork you have to show that a car has been cherished throughout its life, the better.
These days when you take your car to a main dealer, the service is most likely going to be recorded on their computer system. MOTs are now recorded online too. However, it’s still important to make sure that you get the all-important stamp in the service book as this is invaluable when you come to sell the car, proving to potential buyers that it has been properly looked after. A car with a full history will be more attractive to buyers and generally worth more than a vehicle without one.

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Most cars tend to stay in the main dealer system while they are under warranty as owners are keen to protect their cover should anything go wrong. There’s nothing to stop you taking your car elsewhere, however. Provided that the manufacturer’s service schedule is followed and the correct parts are used, your warranty will be protected.
There are, of course, many independent garages, some of which specialise in particular makes and others that are willing to service any vehicle. If you have your car serviced at a reputable independent garage such as Protyre, they should also stamp the book for you to show that the work has been done.

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At Protyre we have local garages across the UK. Although are a leading tyre specialist and can supply top brands including Pirelli, Falken and Sumitomo, we can carry out a wider range of other work too.
Our qualified technicians can do a full service on your car, in most cases at a lower price than a main dealer would charge. We can also carry out MOTs and any work needed to prepare the car for the test. It’s important to have your car serviced regularly, at least once a year even if you only cover a low mileage. Having a FSH is good not only when you come to sell the car but also for your own peace of mind.
At Protyre we offer three different levels of servicing to suit customer requirements. Our top Gold level is equivalent to a manufacturer’s main service and includes an oil and filter change, in addition to checks on the engine, brakes, alternator, battery and more. We also offer Silver and Bronze services that include an oil and filter change, together with some vital checks. These are ideal for high mileage drivers or those who do a lot of stop-start driving to ensure that the vehicle is kept in good condition between main services.

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