What happens when your car gets serviced?

Getting your car serviced is essential. After all, it prolongs the life of your vehicle, makes sure it’s roadworthy and might just save your life. If you’re getting your car MOT’d then in our experience it often makes financial sense to book your service and your MOT together.
But what exactly is involved in a car service and why should I get one?

It’s not an MOT

The MOT checks whether your car is safe to drive, but you won’t get your oil filters changed or wear and tear repairs taken care of. That’s why you need a service.

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It saves you money

A properly serviced car runs better and can save you money by extending your car’s lifespan. If you’re thinking of selling or making an insurance claim, in our experience a full service history can significantly boost your car’s valuation.

It’s not DIY

You might once have changed your car’s oil filters at home but modern vehicles are complex pieces of machinery that require computer diagnostics and skilled mechanics to troubleshoot.

It’s a lifesaver

Let’s face it, most of us tend to rely on the annual MOT to tell us our cars are safe to drive. But a service can bring to light any unseen problems that could be catastrophic.

Protyre car servicing explained

At Protyre we offer a tiered set of service levels, reflecting the various service levels required by manufacturers.
A Bronze service is great for peace of mind between your annual services, especially if you’re a high mileage river. This service includes:

  • Oil and filter change

  • Engine inspection

  • Anti-freeze top up

  • Steering, exhaust and battery checks

  • Tyre inspection

  • Road test

Book in for an Interim Silver service and we’ll add a full suspension inspection to the Bronze service plus all the electrical components, brake pads, timing belt, alternator and a steering fluid top up.

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Opt for the comprehensive Full Gold service for a complete overhaul of your vehicle. This goes above and beyond the Bronze and Silver services to deliver unrivalled care from our experienced and qualified fitters and mechanics. Using industry standard Autodata we’ll comprehensively check your vehicle.

How often should I have my car serviced?

This depends on your car’s age, mileage and make and model and the manufacturer's recommended schedule, in addition to the kind of driving you do, whether that’s commuting, long-distance or off-roading.
For most vehicles we recommend servicing at the following intervals:

  • An Oil Bronze service every 6 months or 6-12,000 miles.

  • An Interim Silver full service every 12 months or 12,000 miles.

  • A Full Gold service every 12-24 months or 12,000 - 24,000 miles.

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Why choose Protyre for your car service?

When you choose Protyre servicing, you’re getting the expertise of our highly trained expert mechanics. They’ll go over every inch of your vehicle and use high-quality replacement parts and appropriate engine oil to keep your car in great condition.
You can also book in for a range of other services including your MOT and tyre replacement by our tyre professionals using a range of leading brands including Falken, Bridgestone and Pirelli.
We offer servicing for all major marques from Audi to Vauxhall, so why not book your Bronze, Silver or Gold service at your local Protyre garage today.

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