Benefits of getting your car serviced

Car servicing can sometimes seem like a chore. You lose the use of the vehicle for a few hours, it costs you money, and you always have a nagging doubt that the garage will find something wrong. And modern cars are so reliable, so why would you bother?
Well, there are several good reasons why servicing your car matters. If you have a new vehicle, then getting it serviced on schedule is usually required to maintain the manufacturer’s warranty. But even for older cars, servicing is important.
Although service intervals have been getting longer in recent years, cars still need regular maintenance. Things like filters and oil are designed to be changed on a regular basis in order to keep the vehicle running well. Changing filters regularly stops dirt and debris getting into the engine’s innards and causing damage. Changing the oil also keeps the engine running smoothly and protects it from wear and tear. Similarly, checking the coolant and ensuring it has the correct antifreeze additive helps protect the car during the winter months.
Having your car serviced regularly also helps to keep you safe on the road. Servicing involves checks on the brakes both disks and pads - and will see if the brake fluid needs changing. It will also check that your tyres have the required tread depth and that they are free from damage. Things like lights and wipers will also be checked to see if they need attention.

Money Matters

While servicing your car costs you money, in the longer term it can help you make financial savings. Firstly, because a regularly serviced car will be worth more when you come to sell it than one that’s been neglected. A full set of stamps in the service book from main dealer or a trusted independent garage like Protyre will reassure buyers that the car has been properly cared for.
You don’t just reap the benefits of servicing when you come to sell the car either. Proper servicing at the correct intervals will help the car’s efficiency. An engine and gearbox in good order, plus properly maintained tyres, will help in ensuring you get the best fuel economy, so you’ll save each time you visit the filling station.
At Protyre we offer three levels of servicing, so there’s one to suit every pocket. Our basic Bronze service provides an oil and filter change as well as inspection and topping up of other fluids and a check of safety-related items. Move up to the Silver level and you also get a check of electrical components like the alternator and battery terminals, plus checking the timing belt. The Gold level includes all of the above and more and is an ideal annual service for most vehicles. We can take care of your MoT test too if you wish.
You can book your service through the Protyre website, and with more than 100 garages around the UK, you can have it done at a time and place that’s convenient for you.