Should I book a combined Service & MOT?

Booking your car in for an annual MOT and service can seem like a hassle. However, if you want to ensure that your vehicle is roadworthy, safe and legal to drive, you can book in for both an annual service and your MOT here at Protyre and enjoy a number of benefits.

Regular car servicing

Regular car servicing is recommended for all cars. It’s a sure-fire way to ensure that your car is running smoothly and to comply with the terms of any warranty. Regular servicing can catch small problems early, saving you time and money and a well-maintained car delivers a smoother ride and improved fuel economy. In addition, there’s no better way to enhance the resale value of your car than to be able to provide a full-service history.
Unlike the MOT, however, car servicing is not a legal requirement and it can be tempting to skip it altogether. Unfortunately, you run the risk of encountering major problems the longer your car goes without a service.

Why your car needs an MOT

The MOT is an annual test that checks the safety and roadworthiness of your vehicle. Every car aged between 3 and 40 years old must have a valid MOT certificate when driven on British roads. A series of checks are undertaken by a qualified MOT tester who will examine critical components. Unlike a service, no physical changes can be made to your vehicle if issues are identified and if your car fails, it must be retested before you can legally drive it.
You can book your MOT up to one month before the expiry date while still preserving the original expiry date. This gives you some leeway to coordinate your full service with your annual MOT.

Should I book a combined Service & MOT?

The major advantage of booking a combined service and MOT is the time and money you save with just one visit to your Protyre garage. You’ll avoid the hassle of trying to book several appointments and our convenient and cost-effective servicing packages deliver peace of mind motoring at an affordable price. Keeping the two dates together also makes it far less likely that you’ll forget to book either appointment.
Driving without a valid MOT carries a penalty fine and also invalidates your insurance. Neglecting your annual service could result in a breakdown, leaving you out of pocket. Our discounted MOT and servicing packages streamline the booking process and allow you to drive away with confidence.

Book your MOT and servicing package at Protyre

Booking in for a Bronze, Silver or Gold service and MOT at your local Protyre garage couldn’t be simpler. Take advantage of a discounted MOT test for the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your vehicle is safe and roadworthy.
At Protyre we offer far more than MOT tests and servicing. Our tyre professionals can run a free tyre safety check and recommend the best new tyres from our extensive range that includes; Pirelli and Sumitomo. Why not book your free vehicle safety check online today?

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