Servicing for my Daihatsu

Daihatsu became a subsidiary of Toyota in 2016 but is one of the oldest and most respected Japanese vehicle builders. Numerous surveys have shown that Daihatsu makes some of the most reliable cars in the world. Indeed, they were voted the world’s most reliable car manufacturer in a Which? survey.
Daihatsu has produced everything from tuk-tuks to racing cars, but excels in the design of mini-vans and compact SUVs. Because of their excellent build quality, many Daihatsus will survive for years to come if well looked after. Regular servicing by properly qualified fitters at a Protyre garage will help to make sure they do.

Since Daihatsu effectively withdrew from the UK market in about 2010 and was taken over in 2016, there is a possibility that spares will become harder to find and more expensive, so the sooner you have a full service, the more you could save.
Although they are top-scoring for reliability, all car models have weaknesses that show themselves over time. A minor flaw in several Daihatsu models is a tendency for things to work loose, including the spark plugs and exhaust brackets. Rattling from the front brake callipers is also a common complaint. It’s most common when the original ones have already been replaced with non-OEM parts.
Components working loose may be a minor problem initially but if they aren’t corrected promptly they can cause major ones. For example, there have been reports of quickly wearing exhausts on the Terios 4x4. Loose brackets will definitely accelerate the wear rate. An interim service inspection by the qualified fitters at any Protyre garage is not expensive and many quick checks can be performed free of charge.
The most serious fault that has emerged in a few cars is a failure of the transmission oil cooler. This can lead to contamination of the transmission fluid by engine coolant which will quickly damage the entire gearbox if not caught. Affected models include the YRV but problems involving coolants are relatively common in several Daihatsu models and they should, therefore, be checked frequently. Driveshafts should also be inspected regularly.
We suggest calling in for an interim service check 6 months after your annual service and MOT.

New tyres for your Daihatsu

Many Daihatsu vehicles are quite light which is perhaps why a few owners report a tendency to lose grip at the front while cornering. The Charade is one model that seems to have this problem when still running on its factory fitted Hankook tyres. Other owners have noted a tendency for the front tyres to wear considerably more quickly than the rear ones, which is likely to be for the same reason.
You may be able to rectify this problem by replacing with higher performance tyres with better cornering grip. Falken tyres are known to have good dry grip, so one to consider for the Charade is the Falken Sincera SN832 Ecorun, while the XL-rated Falken Azenis may be better for heavily laden vans and SUVs.
A tip for Daihatsu Copen owners
Batteries tend to run flat if the vehicle is left unused for several weeks, so if you go on holiday without your car don’t leave your jump leads in the electrically locked boot!

When should I have my car serviced?

As a general rule, your car needs a service every 12 months or every 12,000 miles, whichever is sooner. Regular servicing keeps your car running more smoothly, spotting issues before they become major problems. You should also pass your MOT first time - although we offer free retests if your car does fail. At Protyre, we offer 3 levels of service, Gold, Silver and Bronze. 

If you need servicing because you've been clocking up the miles recently, then opt for a Bronze service. We also recommend that you have an Silver service after 6000 miles or 6 months. Our Gold annual service is the most comprehensive service available and will ensure your delivers optimal performance, safety and fuel economy.