Vauxhall Service

Vauxhall is the second most popular vehicle brand in the UK, with 3.1 million cars, vans, trucks and 4x4s currently registered in the UK. Whether you drive a vintage Astra or a stylish Mokka, you can be sure of getting the best Vauxhall service prices when you book a service at your local Protyre garage.

Options for a Vauxhall service

1. Bronze. Ideally suited to those needing to carefully control their Vauxhall service cost or who just need a check up in between major services, this essential 27-point check covers your vehicle's most vital components and systems and will ensure that it is in a safe and roadworthy condition, with oil, filters and anti-freeze being changed if necessary. It is ideally conducted prior to winter, before an unusually long journey or if you are considering selling the vehicle.

2. Silver. A silver service offers a more comprehensive overview of the major components and systems that ensure that your vehicle is in a safe condition. It is a 48-point check in which our qualified fitters will ensure that your vehicle is not suffering from any abnormal wear or degradation which could pose a safety risk or increase the likelihood of a breakdown.

3. Gold. In a gold service Vauxhall models will be put through a full 59-point check, which is equivalent to a full service. We recommend that any new vehicle purchased without a full service history is booked in at the earliest opportunity for a Gold service to ensure that no defects exist, which may be a safety hazard for the driver, their passengers or other road users. Vauxhall drivers who commute long distances in their vehicle may benefit from an annual Gold service to maintain their vehicle in top condition.

Benefits of a Protyre Vauxhall service

Protyre is a comprehensive network of local garages staffed by highly skilled technicians and available across the whole of the UK. It is easy to locate your nearest Protyre garage online and book a service through the website at a location, date and time that is convenient for you.

Protyre is renowned for its commitment to quality and its wide selection of tyres and OEM approved components. Roadworthy tyres are fundamental to the safety of your vehicle, so every service will include a thorough inspection of your tyres, and if a replacement tyre is necessary, our qualified fitters will advise on your options, identifying tyres which suit your budget, driving style and preferences. From budget brands to leading manufacturers such as Falken and Sumitomo, we have them all.

All of the parts that we use in our services are guaranteed for 12 months or 12,000 miles for your peace of mind.

Why you must service your Vauxhall

Vauxhall is a brand that is known for its reliability and longevity, and when maintained correctly, you will enjoy driving your Vauxhall for many years to come. Keeping your vehicle in top condition requires a balance of pre-emptive and reactive maintenance solutions. Routine servicing ensures that common fault items are inspected in accordance with the manufacturer's recommended test schedule and that defects are identified and rectified before they become a more expensive problem.

At Protyre, we know how important your vehicle is to you so we offer a comprehensive and affordable solution that allows you to book your vehicle in at a time and location that is convenient for you, to be inspected by our service professionals, who will deliver an effective service that will keep your vehicle running smoothly and safely for as long as possible.

We can stamp your Vauxhall service book if required and provide all paperwork that is required to substantiate the work conducted during the service and to provide guarantees for all parts that we fit during the service.

To book your Vauxhall in for a service, simply go to or telephone our expert team today. We look forward to providing you with the advice and assistance that you need to keep you safe on the road.