Servicing for my Vauxhall


Get the Vauxhall servicing you need at the price you want by choosing Protyre. Whether you are looking for Vauxhall Corsa servicing or Zafira servicing, you can be assured of an exceptional service from our friendly and experienced team of Vauxhall experts.

We recommend that you have your car serviced every year, as Adam servicing and the care of all types of Vauxhall will ensure your safety and the performance of your vehicle.
We offer a three-tier range of service options when choosing your Meriva or Vectra servicing, or servicing for any other kind of Vauxhall. You could choose the gold level for the most comprehensive option, which has all the benefits of our silver and bronze services plus added extras.

Our silver (interim) plans for Astra servicing and the checking of other Vauxhall vehicles aims to maintain the efficiency of your car and includes inspections of its electrical components, such as the battery, terminals, alternator, timing belt and brake pads, alongside all the benefits of our bronze check-up services.
Choose a bronze servicing option for your Vauxhall as the perfect mid-service check-up. This is ideal for high-mileage drivers and includes checking the battery, changing the oil and filter, and making sure your anti-freeze is topped up.

Our Vauxhall servicing options are all backed by the knowledge of an experienced team of mechanics who are fully conversant with all the common problems you may encounter with your Vauxhall; in addition, they will be on the look-out for any more unusual occurrences and issues.
Despite their overall reliability, our mechanics will be checking for some of the more common problems with your Vauxhall Corsa. These might include water pump or coil pack issues, for example, along with checks of the brakes.

If you have a Vectra, we may look out for spring fractures and check the brakes and your abs modulator, or investigate starting issues with your Astra and check its oil supply.
Choose Protyre for your Vauxhall servicing and you can be assured of a quality of service that equals or exceeds the service you would expect from a main dealership and at a fraction of the price you might be asked to pay.

We also offer easy online booking for your next Vauxhall service. Simply fill in the registration number of your Corsa, Vectra, Zafira, Adam, Astra or other Vauxhall, the type of oil you want us to use, the service level you choose, and whether you want to add an MOT to your service for just £20. We will do the rest.