Servicing for my Toyota

A national network of more than 100 garages guarantees that our customers are never far from their nearest Protyre centre. We pride ourselves on knowing our clients' vehicles inside out and back to front. If a particular model is prone to certain faults or problems, we'll know about it and will offer a timely and competitively priced repair. Here, we take a brief look at six of the most popular Toyota models and their servicing needs.

Toyota Aygo servicing

This is a refined small car that, at least in post-2014 models, does not tend to suffer from systemic problems. Earlier models may suffer from a variety of issues, many due to the vehicle's age. These include excessive oil consumption, probably necessitating new valve stem oil seals, water pump failures and clutches that let in water. Of course, we can check for all of these issues.

Toyota Yaris servicing

This capable little car trades on its reliability and durability. These traits are never more evident than when vehicles come in for servicing, because there are so few systemic issues to be wary of. Some models may require replacement headlights as a consequence of poor illumination, particularly on rural roads.

Toyota Auris servicing

Another well-built, easy to drive model, the Auris is increasingly a taxi driver's choice. Some of the logic behind this decision is apparent in the relatively trouble-free MOT and servicing that Auris owners enjoy. One current issue concerns the Safety Sense system warning, which some cars' computers have been randomly disconnecting.

Toyota RAV4 servicing

A roomy, practical crossover, the RAV4 is another Toyota model whose drivers can approach upcoming services or MOTs without any particular apprehension. Some owners have reported problems with the integrated sat-nav system, but this appears to be a software problem that is easily solved with an upgrade.

Toyota Prius servicing

One of the most popular hybrids, the Prius is still one of the top choices for an environmentally-friendly ride. Yet again, it is a Toyota model that rarely has any problems serious enough to be brought to its manufacturer's attention. Consequently, its servicing requirements are unlikely to result in onerous and unexpected costs.

Toyota Hilux servicing

This pickup has won plenty of fans among those who spend time outside, whether for work or pleasure. Some models can tow up to 3.5 tons, and all of them benefit from a roomy cab and plenty of storage space. Reported problems are rare, meaning that although this is not a cheap choice of vehicle, it is far less likely than some of its rivals to require much more than regular servicing.

Toyota Servicing at Protyre

Protyre are able to offer three packages for servicing your Toyota. These include Gold (Full), Silver (Interim) and Bronze (Check Up) car servicing in a number of locations nationwide.

Protyre can offer Toyota Servicing in the following locations: