Servicing for my Subaru

Subaru has always been something of a niche brand, appealing to buyers as diverse as country dwellers and, thanks to its rally successes, sports car enthusiasts too. This means that while there are quite a few cars about, the main dealer network is relatively small. The most common Subaru's that Protyre service on a regular basis include Subaru Impreza, Subaru Outback and Subaru Forester.

Many owners therefore prefer to look to independent garages when it comes to getting their Subaru cars serviced. If you're looking for Subaru Outback servicing, for example, Protyre can offer a number of different service packages. Outbacks are generally reliable, but they are complex machines, and regular servicing by someone with the right expertise is important to keep them running smoothly.

The Forester is a popular option with country dwellers, offering a unique blend of estate car style and genuine off-road ability. Forester servicing from Protyre is a cost-effective way of making sure you get the best out of your car.

The XV is Subaru's answer to the Nissan Qashqai, though you'll see fewer of them on the road. These cars appear to people who want something a bit different, and there's no reason why they shouldn't take a different option for their XV servicing too.

The Impreza is one of the best known Subarus, partly thanks to the rally success of its WRX variant. It's not just a car for performance enthusiasts, though. Over the model's life, there have been variants ranging from milder two- and four-wheel models, to fire-breathing rally-inspired road cars. Once again, these are sophisticated machines, especially the higher end versions, so it's important to have your Impreza servicing, and particularly WRX servicing, carried out professionally. These cars often have problems with poor emissions, so having them properly serviced on a regular basis can help avoid unexpected problems when it comes time for the MOT test.

The BRZ is a bit of a departure for Subaru, in part because there's no four-wheel drive option, but also because it was co-developed with Toyota and is a sister car to the GT86. The BRZ, however, has Subaru's signature flat-four power plant which helps give the car a low centre of gravity for secure handling. The BRZ is aimed squarely at keen drivers who will want to keep their cars in tip-top condition, so they should ensure their BRZ Servicing is carried out by someone they trust to care for their vehicle.

With centres around the UK, there should be a Protyre garage able to look after your Subaru somewhere near you.

Subaru Servicing at Protyre

Protyre are able to offer three packages for servicing your Subaru. These include Gold (Full), Silver (Interim) and Bronze (Check Up) car servicing in a number of locations nationwide.

Protyre can offer Subaru Servicing in the following locations: