Servicing for my Skoda

Skoda has been making cars since 1905. Three of the most popular models today are the Octavia, Fabia, and the Karoq.
Having your Skoda serviced on a regular basis is vital to keep it in good working order and to get the longest life from it. As a general rule, your car should undergo a service at least every 12 months or every 12,000 miles, whichever occurs the soonest. These services can identify major problems before they occur - thus saving money on emergency repairs and ensuring your vehicle is always safe.
At Protyre, we offer 3 levels of service: Gold, Silver and Bronze:

  • Bronze: Our bronze check-up service ensures that your vehicle is in the best possible condition. It is a great option for people who use their cars fairly intensively, for example for business trips. It includes oil and filter changes, battery checks and anti-freeze top-ups.

  • Silver: Our silver service is an interim service which we suggest is done every six months/6,000 miles. It can help identify problems early and includes everything that the bronze service offers, with additional inspections of all electrical components and much more.

  • Gold: This is our annual comprehensive service to ensure your vehicle delivers optimal performance, fuel economy, and safety. Our gold service includes engine checks, brake disc checks, battery checks as well as thorough inspections of tyres, timing belt, brake pads, and the radiator.

Our bronze service is available from as little as £79, while our gold service starts at £169.

Does my Skoda need a service?

Firstly, if your Skoda has not been serviced for 12 months or more then it would be beneficial to schedule one in as soon as possible as this is the maximum recommended time between services.
Secondly, if you have noticed anything unusual with your car such as strange noises/smells, smoke, or issues with the steering or gear changes when driving, it could be that there are underlying issues that need addressing. You should take this as a signal that your car needs a check-up and book it in for a service.

Common problems

Skoda Octavia

Although scoring highly for reliability, the most common problems include: diesel particulate filter blockages, leakage/water damage, headlamp diffraction, dual mass flywheel failure and gearbox shifting issues.
Skoda Fabia
The Fabia gives great fuel economy and is a popular option for urban use. It's generally reliable overall, but some common issues include: faulty sensors, stiff suspension, water leaks, and high oil consumption.
Skoda Karoq
The most common issues with the Karoq include: rattling sounds, faulty sensors and issues with the doors.
In our experience, there are many people who are unsure as to which tyres are best for their vehicles, or how often they should have their car serviced. Our network of garages are staffed by qualified fitters with years of experience - so if you need advice on tyres or need to book your car in for a service, why not use our search facility here on the site to find your nearest Protyre garage today?
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Book your Skoda in for a service with Protyre today

Why not book your Skoda in for a service now at Protyre to ensure that your car is in the best condition possible. From the brakes and engine, to the dashboard and tyres, our professional team has extensive experience of Skoda models. To find your nearest Protyre garage, please use the garage finder here on the site.