Servicing for my SEAT

Your SEAT deserves special treatment each time it is due for a repair or service. Ensure that your SEAT receives the very best care at Protyre, where we pride ourselves on offering outstanding service. With more than 100 garages around the UK, you can rest assured that your SEAT is in safe hands. No matter what make or model of vehicle, Protyre garages are renowned for their professionalism, with capable, experienced and knowledgeable experts you can trust.

Does my SEAT Car Need a Service?

Whether you have a SEAT Leon or a SEAT Ibiza, if you find that your SEAT is making an odd noise or simply doesn't feel right, your car may need a service.
Further signs can include unusual noises, vibration, or issues with braking. If you become aware of any of these issues, or if the service or engine light appears and remains on, it is important that your SEAT car is taken to a garage as soon as possible. However, SEAT cars are renowned for their reliability, and keeping to the manufacturer's service schedule should mean that your car remains roadworthy for many years to come.
If you want to ensure that your car is running smoothly, why not book a safety check for free for your brakes and tyres at Protyre. Our tyre professionals and qualified fitters will make sure that your car is in the safest condition, whether you are running on Pirelli, Bridgestone or tyres from other brands.

When Should my SEAT be Serviced?

In most cases, your car should be serviced every 12,000 miles or every 12 months, whichever occurs first but the owner's manual will provide the details for your model. If your car also requires an MOT, we can offer a combined service and MOT package, saving you money and pre-checking the car for its test.

Common SEAT Problems

The following are common problems to look out for with your SEAT:

  • If you experience any clicking or clunking noises when the car is cornering, this could indicate a problem with the vehicle's axle.

  • In our experience, it is also common to hear rattling from the interior trim on SEAT car, such as the Ibiza.

  • Exhaust Gas Re-circulation (EGR) valves can become clogged with carbon, which leads to poor performance. Another symptom of this issue is a loud noise being emitted from the exhaust. The engine warning light will almost certainly be showing on the dashboard if you have this problem.

  • The coil pack could fail on some SEATs, with common symptoms including rough idling or running. In this case, a replacement coil pack will fix this issue.

  • Some SEAT models can also experience issues with cracking of the washer jet pipes as a result of cold temperatures. This is an MOT failure issue and will require replacement

Book your SEAT in for a service with Protyre today

Why not book your SEAT in for a service now at Protyre to ensure that your car is in the best condition possible. From the brakes and engine, to the dashboard and tyres, our professional team has extensive experience of SEAT models. To find your nearest Protyre garage, please use the garage finder here on the site. Bookings can be made either online or by telephone.