Servicing for my Saab

The Saab story began in Sweden just after the second world war, with the first Saab hitting the tarmac in 1949. In 1978, the Saab 900, which was the best-selling Saab model of all time, was launched. Saab has always been an innovator, whether through fitting seatbelts as standard to improve safety, producing turbo engines, or being a pioneer in direct ignition.

​Get your Saab serviced by the best at Protyre

Your Saab is a sophisticated machine and needs regular maintenance to keep its high-performing, safety-conscious features at its best. As running into elk is a big problem in Sweden, the Saab has been designed to pass the 'elk test' - the floor mounted ignition evolved after drivers smashed their kneecaps in accidents. At a Protyre garage, our expert staff will always take great care of your Saab and its carefully designed features.

It is always a good idea to have a regular servicing routine to monitor wear and tear and deal with any small issues before they have a chance to develop into situations that require extensive repairs. Even with sensible motoring, the stop and start driving necessary in urban areas will take its toll on the mechanical components of your vehicle.

When it comes to Saab 93 servicing, Protyre mechanics will give your car their undivided attention. At one of the garages that comprise the extensive Protyre network, we will assess and test all elements of the engine, with special care regarding the electrical circuits and all connected equipment, the brakes, suspension and the tyres. At Protyre, we stock an extensive range of tyres and can fit and align new ones when necessary. We can perform MOTs that represent great value, offering the same if not better service than most dealerships at a fraction of the cost. A complete Protyre service of your Saab will encompass new fuel and air filters, an oil check, and an inspection of the brake fluid and steering.

For your Saab 95 servicing, Protyre mechanics will examine every aspect of your car. As the reflectors, lamps and electrical equipment can pose issues with passing MOTs, Protyre staff will give these elements plenty of care and attention to make sure every part and connection is in top working order, including the fog lamps and hazard lights. We will also give the brakes and mechanical components a complete assessment.

With Saab 9000, 93 servicing, we will take special care with the suspension, electrical equipment and the brakes to ensure that your motoring experience with your Saab continues to be safe and rewarding.

Saab Servicing at Protyre

Protyre are able to offer three packages for servicing your Saab. These include Gold (Full), Silver (Interim) and Bronze (Check Up) car servicing in a number of locations nationwide.

Protyre can offer Saab Servicing in the following locations: