Servicing for my Renault

Regular servicing can highlight issues before they become problematic. We look at some of the most common issues affecting six of the most popular Renault models.

Renault Clio Servicing

The newest Renault Clio models - those built after 2013 - are larger and more attractive than their predecessors. They're also more environmentally friendly, with both the diesel and petrol versions emitting less than 100g/km of carbon dioxide. Known problems are thankfully limited, although a number of Renault Clio Dynamique models have a fault with their TPMS sensor valves. Another problem has affected the windscreen wipers of Renault Clio IV models built between November 2012 and July 2015. These wipers may freeze to the screen in exceptionally cold weather, resulting in the arm linkage bending or breaking when the wipers are operated.

Megane Servicing

The well-priced Megane remains a popular family hatchback. Specific problems are uncommon, although firm suspension upgrade is known sometimes to affect GT cars. Some of the newest Megane models may also suffer from a clutch fault. In certain cases, the automatic gearbox box fails to engage the clutch sufficiently, resulting in engine judder or a loss of drive. This issue can be resolved by updating the automatic gearbox software.

Laguna Servicing

A stylish and comfortable ride, the Laguna is nonetheless prone to a fairly wide spectrum of problems. Build quality, mechanicals and electrics are all variously at fault, although models built after 2005 tend to experience fewer issues due to revisions in the manufacturing process. One particular glitch to watch out for concerns the manual transmission. The problem stems not from how the vehicle is driven but from the manner of the gearbox's assembly. The solution is to replace the bearings, which are over-torqued, before the gearbox is destroyed.

Captur Servicing

A family favourite, with its removable and machine-washable seat covers, the Renault Captur is relatively free from issues. A problem with the navigation system in some vehicles was resolved by a recall and repair.

Scenic Servicing

Representing great value for money and tending to exceptional longevity without any mechanical, electrical or build issues, this is not a model that should trouble you unduly. Regular servicing will help keep it running well for even longer.

Twingo Servicing

A great town car, with a fun and retro design, it's easy to understand this little car's popularity. There are no current fault codes on the car and no recurrent issues reported. One thing to watch out for, however, is to make sure you close the glass hatchback with two evenly spaced hands to avoid stress fractures and subsequent shattering of the glass.

Renault Servicing at Protyre

Protyre are able to offer three packages for servicing your Renault. These include Gold (Full), Silver (Interim) and Bronze (Check Up) car servicing in a number of locations nationwide.

Protyre can offer Renault Servicing in the following locations: