Servicing for my Porsche

As a Porsche driver, you are almost certainly someone with a higher than average awareness of engine performance; however, Porsche owners vary in their approach to servicing their car. Some are just out of the dealer servicing period and now want to protect their warranty without having to pay for Porsche branded parts, while others are looking to the future and want to preserve every part of the car as it came from the factory and are prepared to pay for Porsche products. 

Our garages have the expertise and knowledge to deliver either type of approach. Porsche 911 servicing, for example, does not always have to consist of full or interim services. You may simply want a technician to talk through some possibilities with you. Boxter servicing may consist of an oil change and engine check, or may involve some brake or chassis tuning. Cayman servicing must deal with the fact that many Cayman drivers combine cruising on the motorway with some cross-country yomping if they live in a rural area. Tyres are a major factor and you may need to look at winter tyres if you do a lot of country road driving. 

There are many options you can add to a service, depending on how you like your Porsche to be treated and presented, with tyre sealant being an example. Some drivers like to order their tyres through us, while others bring us their choice of tyre to fit and correctly align. 

Our garages have specialist technicians who really appreciate this marque and have the knowledge to deal with all Porsches; for example, Cayenne servicing has different requirements because the car comes in both diesel and hybrid versions. This is the company's best-selling model of all time, which may come as a surprise to fans of the Boxter, the Cayman and the 911. 

Some Cayenne owners have reported a whistling noise, which can be produced by the turbo under certain conditions. Bring the car in and talk to one of our expert Porsche technicians, who have the experience to diagnose this kind of problem accurately. If a garage lacks this Porsche expertise, it can run up unnecessary bills carrying out expensive and ultimately futile investigations, whereas a little more experience with the cars would have led to a quick and accurate fault diagnosis. 
With these high-performance cars, regular servicing is essential to keep their engines running at peak efficiency and power.