Servicing for my Nissan

The Nissan range of vehicles has gone through quite a change in recent years. From being very much the new kid on the block, Nissan has developed into leading brand, being seen roads the length and breadth of the UK, covering a wide spectrum from the entry-level Micra to the 4x4 Navara pickup truck. The most common Nissan's that Protyre service are Quashqai, Juke and Micra.

Running any car nowadays is expensive, especially if you are paying main dealer prices for maintenance and repairs. Whether you need your Nissan Note or Nissan Qashqai servicing, however, you don't have to pick up the bill from a Nissan main dealer for general servicing.

At Protyre, we are proud to be the local garage you can trust. We provide great-value Nissan servicing with our Gold, Silver and Bronze servicing packages to match your needs - whether it's a major service or a simple check-up - as well selling an extensive range of tyres. These regular services can be carried out at specialist service centres, and our network of local garages won't carry the overheads of running a main dealership, helping to keep the costs down for you the customer.

Our range of three service plans offer you an easy way to choose which service is right for you, and our experienced technicians will look after you and your Nissan. Our service plans will cover all of the checks and types of maintenance you would expect on your Nissan for a superb price, covering everything in the following categories:
(i) Engine inspection, oil and filter change
(ii) Electrical component inspection
(iii) Drive-train system and fluids
(iv) Steering and suspension
(v) Windscreen and mirrors
(vi) Exhaust system
(vii) Braking system
(viii) Tyre inspection
(ix) Other miscellaneous checks

At Protyre you are sure to get our trusted and valued care and expertise without paying premium prices, so why not use our online booking system for your next Nissan Juke servicing, Nissan Micra servicing, Nissan Note servicing, Qashqai servicing, Nissan X-Trail servicing or Nissan Navara Servicing? And if you book an MoT test at the same time as your service, you will get even greater value, since the MoT test will only cost you £20. This will save you almost £10 on our usual low price (which is already significantly cheaper than most main dealers will charge) and also save you the time and effort of making two visits to the garage. Why not give us a call today to arrange your MoT and service?

Nissan Servicing at Protyre

Protyre are able to offer three packages for servicing your Nissan. These include Gold (Full), Silver (Interim) and Bronze (Check Up) car servicing in a number of locations nationwide.

Protyre can offer Nissan Servicing in the following locations: