Servicing for my Mercedes

The Mercedes-Benz family motto is 'The best or nothing'. Our family at Protyre understands Mercedes' passion for excellence and we are regarded as the UK's foremost automotive services provider and fitter and supplier of tyres. 

Thanks to changes in the EU Block Exemption laws in 2002, you can have your Mercedes-Benz serviced at a trusted independent garage such as ours for an affordable price without sacrificing quality - and without affecting your warranty. 

As you know, servicing your Mercedes-Benz extends beyond ticking boxes to preserve the safety, performance and value of your car. To this end, it is helpful and interesting to note the areas in which Mercedes has been vulnerable in its MOT test results. For our purposes, we will focus on the top six models: the Mercedes A-Class, B-Class, C-Class, E-Class, S-Class and SLS-Class. 

Overall, Mercedes-Benz holds a 68.4 per cent MOT pass rate, with four areas proving particularly vulnerable. First is lamps, reflectors and electrical equipment, with a 15.2 per cent fail rate. Second is suspension, clocking a 10.9 per cent MOT fail rate, followed by tyres at 8.1 per cent and brakes at 7.2 per cent.
Mercedes A-Class servicing enjoys an 86.1 per cent pass rate. The nine per cent fail rate on lamps is still 32 per cent better than other cars, as is the 1.6 per cent fail on brakes. The 0.22 per cent MOT fail on service brakes does not appear significant at first glance; however, this is six times worse than other cars in this area. 
Mercedes B-Class servicing comes in second with a 79.3 per cent pass rate. Lamps have a 10.9 per cent MOT fail rate, tyres 5.3 per cent, suspension 3.6 per cent and brakes 3.1 per cent. Mercedes C-Class servicing has a 67.1 per cent pass rate, with lamps recording 14.8 per cent, suspension 12.1 per cent, tyres 8.5 per cent and brakes 6.8 per cent. 
Mercedes E-Class servicing reveals a 69.4 per cent pass rate, with lamps clocking 13.2 per cent, suspension 10.2 per cent, tyres 8.4 per cent and brakes 6.8 per cent. Mercedes S-Class servicing sits in third place with a 71.9 per cent pass rate. Lamps have an MOT fail rate of 11.5 per cent, tyres 8.4 per cent, suspension 8.3 per cent and brakes 7.9 per cent. 
Mercedes SLS servicing rates a 64.4 per cent pass rate. Lamps register the highest MOT fail rate at 20.2 per cent followed by suspension at 14.9 per cent, brakes 11.7 per cent and driver's view of the road 11.7 per cent.