Mercedes Benz Service

Mercedes Benz is a name synonymous with performance and innovation, with its company slogan 'The Best or Nothing.' Founded in 1926, the German car maker has consistently set the benchmark for engineering excellence and luxurious design. At Protyre, we offer servicing for all the popular Mercedes Benz models.

Mercedes Benz Vehicle Line-Up

Mercedes-Benz has a diverse range of vehicles, with each series offering a blend of style and cutting-edge technology. The Mercedes A-Class and B-Class are compact models which are well known for their ease of handling and their modern aesthetics. The C Class is positioned as the brand's mid-range luxury sedan. The E Class is known for its comfort and advanced safety features and is a favorite among executive sedan enthusiasts. The Mercedes S-Class sets the standard for premium sedans, and the SLS Class is a high-performance luxury supercar.

Mercedes Benz Service and MOT Issues

Mercedes Benz models are high-quality vehicles, and they usually come with a standard three-year warranty if you are purchasing a brand-new car. However, it is worth being aware of any issues regarding servicing and MOT.

Mercedes A-Class and B-Class

The Mercedes A-Class has an MOT pass rate of 86.1%. Common issues include electrical glitches, suspension concerns and brake problems. The B-Class has an MOT pass rate of 79.3%, and the reported issues are problems with the lamps, tyres, suspension and brakes. Regular servicing of these vehicles is vital to maintaining optimal performance.

Mercedes C-Class

Some owners have reported minor issues with the infotainment system, occasional brake wear and the MOT pass rate is lower than the A Class and B Class at 67.1%. As with the smaller Mercedes vehicles, MOT issues also include problems with the lamps, suspension, tyres and brakes.

Mercedes Servicing at Protyre

Mercedes E-Class

The Mercedes E-Class has a slightly lower MOT pass rate at 69.4%. Common issues

include air suspension problems and occasional electrical glitches.

Mercedes S-Class and SLS-Class

With an MOT pass rate of 71.9%, there have been some reports of potential air suspension and electronic component issues. The Mercedes SLS-Class has an MOT pass rate of 64.4%. Occasional issues with the gullwing doors and complex drivetrain components may arise, and regular specialised servicing is crucial for peak performance.

Mercedes Benz Service near me at Protyre

At Protyre, we offer three levels of servicing for your Mercedes Benz: bronze, silver and gold. Use our 'find a local' garage search on our website

Click here to find a Protyre garage for Mercedes Benz servicing near me. Protyre has over 180 local garages across the UK, dedicated to keeping your Mercedes on the road in great condition.

Bronze Servicing

The Bronze service tier caters to individuals who frequently use their vehicles for city commuting or accumulate substantial mileage within a brief period. It offers reassurance between yearly services and includes an oil and filter replacement, examination and replenishment of anti-freeze, battery inspection and various other essential checks.

Silver Servicing

The Silver service level includes all the essentials from the Bronze tier and extends to a thorough inspection of the vehicle's electrical components, including the battery terminals, together with brake pads, alternator, timing belt and more.

Gold Servicing

The gold service level stands as our most extensive servicing solution, combining all the advantages of both bronze and silver services. We strongly advise scheduling a full car service annually and our gold service entails an array of features such as engine inspection, alternator scrutiny, brake disc/drum examination, battery terminals check, assessment of brake pads, timing belt inspection, general tyre condition evaluation and radiator inspection.

In conclusion, owning a Mercedes-Benz is not just about the thrill of driving a luxurious and high-performance vehicle; it's about maintaining a legacy of excellence. Regular servicing not only addresses common issues but also ensures that your Mercedes-Benz continues to stand the test of time. At Protyre, we also offer a range of premium tyres from brands such as Pirelli and Bridgestone for your Mercedes Benz, installed by our qualified fitters. Book your Mercedes service near me with Protyre today

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