Servicing for my Mazda


If you need Mazda MX5 servicing or a health check-up for your Mazda, whatever the model, then why not book your annual service online with ProTyre, the local garage you can trust? We have 100+ garages around the country that guarantee a friendly and professional service that's cost-effective too. 

The Benefits of Regular Servicing

There are four great reasons why servicing your vehicle with ProTyre makes sense.
Safety: You're car's annual service is designed to pick up on potential problems before they can escalate so that vital components like brakes and suspension don't fail without warning. Brakes are a known issue for the Mazda marque when it comes to the MOT, so if you need CX-3 servicing, for example, a good-quality service will pick up on those issues.
Saving money: Skipping an annual service is a false economy, as it can save you money in terms of fuel economy and expensive repairs. A regular oil change will make sure parts don't seize up because of inadequate lubrication, and regularly replaced oil and air filters ensure your car runs more smoothly and is more fuel-efficient. Issues spotted in time will also save you from a costly breakdown, so it's worth investing in Mazda 2 servicing on a regular basis.
Keep your car on the road longer: If you want to enjoy years and years of trouble-free driving, then give your car a regular service. The better you maintain your Mazda with regular 323 servicing, the longer it will last.
Guard against depreciation: You can't stop depreciation, but you can make sure that your car holds a higher value than the competition by keeping it regularly serviced. A full service history from regular Mazda 626 servicing makes your second-hand car a far more attractive proposition.

Why Service Your Car with ProTyre?

If you need Mazda CX-5 servicing, then we have a choice of three levels of service to suit any type of vehicle and any pocket. 
Choose Bronze if you need peace of mind between your annual regular services. We'll give your vehicle an oil and filter change, check the battery and top up the antifreeze plus much more.
A Silver service is an interim check that helps maintain your vehicle in optimum condition. This service includes all the checks from the Bronze level check plus so much more. 
Opt for Gold annually for the most comprehensive service we offer. You can book online, and why not add a health check or an MOT too?