Servicing for my Lexus

Servicing your Lexus regularly will help to keep your vehicle in optimal condition and will identify any issues which may impact on road handling, safety or fuel consumption. With our Gold, Silver and Bronze service plans, it's easy and cost effective to decide which is the right service for your Lexus. If you're looking for Lexus CT, IS, RX or LX servicing, we can provide the maintenance you need, at a price you'll appreciate.
An annual health check is the best way to determine whether your Lexus hybrid technology is in the best shape, but we'll also take care of the essentials, including tyre, suspension, brake and light checks. If you have your Lexus CT servicing and MOT done at the same time, for example, you'll avoid the most common failures. 
Protyre is the local garage you can trust, and with over 100 garages nationwide, we offer a service that's as comprehensive as a dealership, whilst being substantially cheaper. In fact, we match or exceed the quality of original parts and provide a wide range of motor oils that are tailor made to match your engine. If you require efficient and cost effective Lexus IS servicing, carried out by highly qualified mechanics, Protyre are the people to call.

We offer three levels of service plans:

Bronze (annual check up)
Our Bronze service level is ideal for Lexus owners looking for RX servicing, as it provides a comprehensive peace of mind check up, if you use your Lexus for regular commuting. This package includes oil and filter change, battery check, general inspection and more.
Silver (interim service)
If you're looking to maintain the efficiency level of your vehicle, then the Silver level service will help to reduce breakdowns. If, for example, you're looking for Lexus servicing to keep your hybrid SUV in the best possible condition, then we recommend this interim service, which includes timing belt, brake pads and electrical component checks and much more.
Gold (full service)
As you'd expect from the name, the Gold service plan is the top of the range service, including a comprehensive vehicle check. We recommend that all vehicles have a Gold service annually, so if you're looking for Lexus servicing to keep your hybrid running at optimum efficiency, this is the service to go for.
At Protyre, we pride ourselves on our professionalism and expertise, so why not book your Lexus service with us online today?