Servicing for my Land Rover

Land Rovers have a strong reputation for durability and reliability, so there are lots of them around. Indeed, a high percentage of the very earliest models are still running. However, their nature means that Land Rovers often work hard, being used off-road and for towing caravans and trailers. Like any vehicle, they require servicing regularly to keep them running at their best and to ensure that they remain economical and dependable.

At Protyre, we offer three levels of servicing, so you can choose the one that's right for you and the way you use your car. You also have the option of using manufacturer approved oil or standard oil, and you can book an MOT test at the same time, if you want. So whatever your servicing requirements, we can help.
Like any make, there are particular problems with Land Rovers, and having your car serviced can help spot and avoid these. Discovery servicing, for example, can show up the alternator issues that this model often suffers. It's good to check for rust in the chassis too, as this can lead to an MOT failure, if allowed to develop. The Discovery is often used for towing, and this can be hard on the engine and transmission, so changing the oil and filter is important to keeping them running well.
The Freelander brought Land Rover into a new segment of the market, with a smaller car that offers good road manners but still has the off-road ability that the firm is famous for. From 2011, there have been two-wheel drive versions too, for those who want the style but don't need a serious mud plugger. These are more economical too. Freelander servicing helps keep your car in tip top order. Diesel Freelanders that are used for lots of short trips can suffer from clogged particulate filters, so it's important that this is checked regularly. 

Smaller brother to the Range Rover, the Sport is more often seen in urban environments, but it's still very capable off-road. Landrover Sport servicing ensures your car won't let you down and will deliver the best performance and fuel economy.

Whatever model of Land Rover you have, you want to have it serviced by someone who knows the brand and who you trust to look after the vehicle to a high standard. With Protyre garages around the country, you'll easily be able to find one near to you.