Servicing for my Kia

The Kia brand has come a long way in a relatively short space of time. The South Korean manufacturer’s cars first came to the UK in 1991 with the Pride, a recycled version of the old Mazda 121. It was never a particularly desirable car but it was cheap, came with a three-year warranty and helped to establish Kia as a reliable, affordable brand.
By the year 2000, Kia had become part of the Hyundai group of companies and it was producing its own cars such as the Mentor and the first Rio. These early Kias were always cars you bought on price, but that started to change around 2004 with the launch of the Cerato and the following year with the second-generation Rio, cars which were still affordable, well made, well equipped but that you wouldn’t mind being seen driving.
The big breakthrough came in 2007 with the launch of the Cee’d as the company’s first European-built model. The Cee’d was followed in 2010 by the practical, compact but tall Venga which proved popular with families and retirees thanks to its ease of access. The introduction of a seven-year warranty across the entire range in the same year meant that Kia was now being taken very seriously indeed.
The company now has a full range of vehicles from the compact Picanto city car to the powerful Stinger sport saloon. The boxy but stylish Soul shows that the company has a fun side. It’s also leading the way in electric cars, with an electric version of the Soul, plus the latest eNiro which is capable of almost 300 miles on a single charge. Current generation Kias are cars that you can park alongside a Ford or VW without ever feeling that you have opted for second best.

Does my Kia need servicing?

The benefit of the brand’s seven-year warranty is that you can buy a used Kia that’s three or four years old and know that you still have some peace of mind motoring, should there be a major fault. Many people buy Kias for their reliability and low running costs, but of course, they still need to be properly looked after.
When you think "what about servicing for my Kia?", you don’t have to stick to main dealers. You can still maintain your warranty cover with servicing at independent garages, such as, Protyre. Our qualified fitters are used to working on a wide range of cars and can help you keep your Kia on the road and running smoothly at an affordable price.
All cars need tyres from time to time of course and we stock brands including Pirelli, Falken and Sumitomo so there’s something to suit all needs and budgets. We usually have tyre sizes used by many Kias in stock too, so we may be able to fit them the same day.

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Whether you are looking for new tyres, a service or an MOT test for your Kia, Protyre’s online system means you can easily book an appointment at a garage that’s convenient for you.

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