Servicing for my Isuzu

If your Isuzu Yukon, Eiger or UTAH - or indeed any other Isuzu model - needs a service, why not get in touch with us at Protyre. With local garages in over 100 locations around the country, we offer a fast and fully professional service. You can even book in for an MOT and service together and save time and money.

Does my Isuzu need a service?

Is your car engine making unidentifiable noises, or is there a dashboard light that refuses to go out? These are both sure signs that your Isuzu needs a service. If your car engine makes an uneven noise when idling, your spark plugs could need attention while squealing brakes are a sure sign your brake pads need replacing.
Other signs that your Isuzu needs servicing include:

  • Smoke and steam coming out from under the bonnet

  • A noisy exhaust

  • Crunching sounds when you change gears

These all indicate that you may have problems with overheating, drive train or suspension that need attending to as soon as possible. If you’ve been clocking up the miles in your Isuzu or it’s a year since your last service, you’ll need to book in for one of our Bronze, Silver or Gold packages for continued trouble-free motoring.
Bronze service: this is ideal if you been doing extra commuting miles or simply want a tune-up between services. With 27 checks, this competitively priced mini service includes an oil and filter change.
Silver service: book in for interim servicing for your Izusu every 6 months/6,000 miles for peace of mind motoring. This 48-point package is the ideal way to maintain your vehicle.
Gold service: for the most comprehensive vehicle check, try our Gold service with its comprehensive 59-point check by our trustworthy IMI trained technicians.
Whichever package you choose, our technicians will use high quality, Original Equipment parts from the manufacturer to complete the job so you can drive away with confidence.

Common Isuzu problems

Drivers appreciate the Izusu’s robust build quality and no-nonsense approach to the road. Izusu has an excellent reputation for reliability and safety, with new vehicles benefitting from a long warranty. To keep your Izusu issue-free, our technicians can arrange a full maintenance schedule based on the industry standard, Autodata, and your car’s service history.
There are very few issues with these solidly built vehicles. However, some diesel engines are prone to failing seals and there have been reported issues with the EGR valves. Your diesel Izusu may also have problems with the glow plugs and fuel filter. However, our professional technicians have high levels of expertise and will be able to identify any service issues before advising you of the best course of action.

Book your Protyre service today

At Protyre we offer so much more than just a new set of Bridgestone tyres for your Isuzu fitted by our tyre professionals. We can undertake a full servicing and maintenance protocol along with the annual MOT for complete peace of mind motoring. We also offer a series of free safety checks including your tyres, suspension and battery.
If you want optimal fuel efficiency, safety and performance from your Isuzu then why not book your Protyre service online today.