Servicing for my Hybrid car

As motoring costs continue to rise, more and more motorists are turning to hybrid technology as a way to keep fuel bills under control. Plug in technology gives the motorist far more control over the way they get from A to B, using a traditional combustion engine or a separate battery.
Hybrid vehicles have different servicing requirements to standard petrol and diesel cars, but at Protyre we use the latest diagnostic technology to get on top of any issues so you can drive away with confidence. We also offer charging points at our hybrid servicing centres for your convenience.

What is hybrid technology?

Hybrid cars use a conventional combustion engine and an electric motor powered by a battery. A hybrid may use regenerative braking to power the battery or require plugging in to recharge. Plug ins can generally travel for further distances on battery power alone, making them extremely economical and reducing your emissions.
Hybrids are ideal for town driving where you can run on electric power for incredibly low running costs. The most popular hybrids currently on the market include the Toyota Prius and Yaris, the Volvo XC90 and the Kia Niro. Whatever hybrid you own, we can deliver the best servicing package for your car.

Need your hybrid vehicle servicing?

Protyre offer Hybrid servicing at our advanced aurtocentre garages. Click the button below to make an enquiry and let our technicians get your vehicle booked in.

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Regular servicing for my hybrid car

Although your vehicle may benefit from the latest hybrid technology, it still makes sense to keep it regularly serviced. This ensures that your hybrid is running smoothly and can detect any niggling issues before they become big problems. The technicians working on your hybrid will run electrical and mechanical checks that help to extend the lifespan of your car and ensure that it is operating at maximum efficiency.
If your hybrid is under warranty then you’ll be expected to adhere to the servicing schedule or risk your cover. A full service history can also significantly increase the resale value of your hybrid vehicle.

Servicing options for my hybrid car at Protyre

At Protyre, we offer a full hybrid servicing option that can be added to our Bronze, Silver or Gold servicing packages. An annual service acts as a health check to ensure that both the hybrid technology and the essentials are in great shape. We can also add a discounted MOT for a complete package that delivers peace of mind motoring and saves you time and money.
Our hybrid checks include a complete diagnostic health check, checking cables and connectors for damage, inverter coolant report and brake binding check. The hybrid service component can be added to any of the following services:

  • Bronze: This oil and filter check-up and more is ideal if you regularly do high mileage or simply want peace of mind

  • Silver: Including all the checks from the Bronze service, this intermediate service maintains the efficiency of your hybrid and helps to prevent breakdowns

  • Gold: Our top of the range service should be carried out annually or at 12,000 miles. This comprehensive service will keep your hybrid on the road in tip-top shape

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At Protyre our tyre professionals can also recommend the best tyres for your hybrid from brands such as Falken and Pirelli. Why not book in for a free tyre check today?

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