Servicing for my Honda

Honda is a Japanese car-maker that has a reputation for producing high-quality, high-performance vehicles that are a pleasure to drive. Having your Honda serviced at regular intervals will help your car to remain fuel-efficiency, ensure the engine is running smoothly, check vital indicators of automotive health and help maintain your Honda and its value. Servicing also discovers any minor problems before they can become large expensive problems or a breakdown on a deserted road. At Protyre our friendly and effective mechanics are focused on quality service and ensuring the safety and the reliability of your car.

Honda Servicing That Is Efficient, Reliable and Great Value

When you start thinking about your Honda Jazz servicing, bring your car into the local Protyre, where our enthusiastic staff will make sure your automobile is checked thoroughly and running smoothly. We will take special care with the electrical circuits and the brakes, so it will perform safely and reliably. At Protyre we know Honda as well as the dealerships, but without the sky-high dealership prices. A Protyre service will include all aspects of your car, along with replacement of air and fuel filters, brake fluid, power steering fluid and, of course, the oil.

For Civic servicing, we do all of the above and give extra attention to areas such as suspension, brakes and the electrics, which are the elements that most frequently fail MOTs. The Civic has been a popular model for many years, and with good reason, and at Protyre your Civic will be in good hands.
The Accord is another classic Honda model that has delighted many thousands of motorists around the world. Items that require attention are quite similar to the Civic, with the suspension, brakes and electrical circuitry requiring vigilant attention during Accord servicing.

For CRV servicing Protyre are on top of all Honda-related issues. The CRV is a great model, but its suspension and electrical elements can need careful maintenance to keep them passing their MOTs.

The CRZ is a delightful sporty hybrid coupe, and for CRZ servicing Protyre will assess all aspects of this vehicle and make sure its tyres and electrical circuitry are all in top condition for any adventures on the open road.

With award nominations and a large market share, the HR-V is considered to be the most popular small Sports Utility Vehicle in the world. For HR-V servicing, Protyre staff are extremely familiar with the HR-V and any issues it might have with suspension, tyres, brakes or its electrical equipment and lights. The most common Honda car's we service are civics, CRV, Jazz and accord.

Honda Servicing at Protyre

Protyre are able to offer three packages for servicing your Honda. These include Gold (Full), Silver (Interim) and Bronze (Check Up) car servicing in a number of locations nationwide.

Protyre can offer Honda Servicing in the following locations: