Ford Service

Servicing is an extremely important aspect of car ownership and helps to ensure that your car is kept in good condition, performs well, and is safe. Regular servicing at a garage also offers the professionals the opportunity to spot and address minor issues before they become major ones.

Additionally, when you come to sell your car, having a comprehensive service record is important. Many private buyers and garages will only buy a car that has one.

Warranty protection

When you buy a new car, in-order to keep your warranty valid, you will need to have services undertaken at the intervals that are stipulated by the manufacturer.

In the past, these had to be carried out at main dealerships, but there are now fewer restrictions. You just need to ensure that you get the service book stamped and keep records of any work/repairs.

You also should insist that only approved parts and lubricants are used as per the manufacturer's guidelines.

About Ford

Ford is arguably one of the most recognised car manufacturers and was the first company to produce cars that were affordable for the majority of society. They were also one of the earliest adopters of assembly lines.

Today, Ford has an estimated turnover in excess of $155bn and makes millions of cars per year. They have around 170,000 employees, production facilities worldwide, and sell to markets all across the globe.

Popular Ford models

In 2023, the Ford Puma was the best-selling car in the UK, with just under 50,000 being sold. The top 10 best-selling Ford models of all time are as follows: F-150 (truck), Fiesta, Escort, Model-T, Mustang, Focus, Ranger, Transit (van), Taurus, and Explorer.

When it comes to servicing, the models that are seen most often at Protyre garages are the Fiesta, Mondeo, Focus, and Kuga.

Protyre servicing options

At Protyre, we offer three different choices when it comes to Ford car service: Bronze (basic check-up), Silver (interim) and Gold (full).

Our Bronze service is suitable for those Ford drivers who want a check-up between their normal 'standard' service, and is a particularly good option for those who really cover the miles. It involves a 27-point check that includes a comprehensive engine inspection, oil and filter change, steering and exhaust system check, antifreeze top-up, and more.

Our Silver (interim) service is ideal for Ford drivers who are looking for a comprehensive check-up, and it is recommended that this should be carried out every six months or 6,000 miles (whichever comes first). This service involves a 48-point check including all aspects covered in the Bronze package, in addition to checks on the fan/alternator and auxiliary belts, inspection of lights, battery, driveshaft, joints, gaiters and boots, wheel bearings and suspension, callipers, brake shoes, TPMS valves, and seatbelts.

Our Gold (full) service is essentially the equivalent of an annual service. This is a good option for Ford drivers who need a comprehensive check-up or who have purchased a vehicle that hasn't been serviced in a while. This involves a 59-point check that includes everything in the Silver service, with the addition of checks on the pollen filter, fuel filter, radiator, and replacement of the air filter as standard.

All parts that are fitted during any of these services are guaranteed for 12 months or 12,000 miles (whichever occurs first).

Does Protyre offer Ford servicing near me?

There are more than 180 garages in the Protyre network, so there is likely to be one not too far away. To find your nearest Protyre, you can use our online search function. Simply enter your postcode (or select 'Use my location'). Results can be viewed as a list or on a map.

In addition to servicing, Protyre garages offer MOTs and tyre-fitting. When it comes to tyres, there is a range of options available, including premium brand products from the likes of Pirelli, Bridgestone, Falken, and Michelin.

How can I book a Ford service near me today?

If you drive a Ford book a service online today Or, if you have any queries, please feel free to contact our qualified fitters and mechanics for advice.