Servicing for my Ford

When you've bought a Ford car, you want to keep the service history up to date to preserve the car's resale value when you part with it. Regular services also ensure that your Ford car runs smoothly, by picking up on problems before they affect the car's performance. However, main dealers often charge exorbitant prices, and it's easy to feel that you are just one of many customers.

At Protyre, we can carry out a full service of your Ford car, and it won't affect your warranty, even if your car is new. Since the 2003 Block Exemption law was passed, garages like Protyre can undertake servicing to Ford cars that will meet or exceed the standards laid down by Ford, without compromising your warranty. So you can benefit from main dealer standards of service, but without the main dealer price tag. 

We carry out Ford Fiesta servicing to a very high standard. The Ford Fiesta is the most popular UK car, being economical to run and maintain, but that doesn't mean it's without its issues. At Protyre, we will check for rear axle, airbag and steering column problems, which tend to be common with some models.
When you come to Protyre for your Ford Focus servicing, you can rest assured that if your car is one of those suffering from transmission problems, we can identify and fix these for you, for much less than you could expect to pay from your main dealer.

Ford Mondeo servicing at Protyre will pick up on any inconsistencies with steering, which seems to be an issue on some models, particularly those manufactured since 2015. As with all our servicing options, we offer a range of services, so that you can choose the one most appropriate to your car's age and condition.
The Ford Ka is a popular small runaround, much loved by students and young people who want something cheap and cheerful to travel around in. At Protyre, we will pick up on issues with suspension and rust during your Ford Ka servicing, as these are fairly common with older models.
We carry out Ford S-Max servicing to a very high standard, but without the hefty price tag that a main Ford dealer charges. We can also undertake your Ford C-Max servicing, which will preserve the status of your service history, meaning that when it comes to selling your Ford, you won't be penalised for not having the main dealer stamp in your service history documentation.