Servicing for my Fiat

Keeping your Fiat car's service history up to date can help to keep its resale value high. This does not mean that you must go to your main dealer to have it done, as Protyre can offer a range of service options for your Fiat car to ensure that it complies with current legislation regarding its condition and roadworthiness. The only difference you will notice is with your bank account, as we can undertake the work far cheaper than your main dealer.

You can choose from a Bronze, Silver or Gold service for your Fiat, depending on its age, condition and mileage, although we recommend that you should have a Gold service undertaken once a year to make sure that every aspect of your car is performing correctly. Identifying problems at an early stage can prevent costly repair bills further down the line; therefore, regular servicing can save you money in the long term.

At Protyre, we can offer you a range of economical options for your Fiat Punto servicing. These are known as reliable cars; however, they do have issues with suspension and power steering, which we can easily identify and fix during the service.

We undertake Panda servicing to the same high standards as a Fiat dealer but without the corresponding price tag. Renowned for being a reliable car, the Panda is a basic workhorse that will never let you down provided you keep the service history up to date.

We recommend a regular Fiat Stilo servicing schedule, as these cars are well known for their heavy oil consumption. Over time, this can cause problems with oil filters; however, this can easily be identified during basic service checks, as will potential suspension problems.

The Fiat Brava is generally considered a reliable model, with regular Brava servicing with Protyre helping to keep it this way. Many Brava models have problems with the fuel injector, which can lead to a sudden loss of power; however, regular servicing will pick up any issues at an early stage, preventing them becoming major problems later.

The Fiat 500 is a much-loved model that is popular as a town car thanks to its small size and cheap running costs. Don't skimp on your 500 servicing, as we can pick up on early problems with brakes and shock absorbers that could be a drain on your finances if not dealt with promptly. 
Protyre can carry out your Fiat 500L servicing, picking up any problems with the transmission and clutch that affect many models.