Servicing for my Ferrrari

Enzo Anselmo Giuseppe Maria Ferrari founded the Ferrari motor company in 1939 out of Alfa Romeo's racing division. However, the first production model wasn't available until 1947. Fiat became a shareholder in 1969 but divested most of its interests in 2016. Sales figures from 2017 were the highest ever.
Current models include the Portofino convertible, GTC4Lusso 4-seater, F8 Tributo sports and the 812 Superfast coupé, but of course, Ferrari loves to make one-offs and limited edition vehicles such as the latest Monza SP1 and SP2. Many older models and concept cars keep running for years. The range also includes the biofuel (ethanol) powered F430 Spider and hybrids, including a hybrid 599.

How often do I need servicing for my Ferrari?

Ferrari engines are highly reliable, but when anything needs replacing it is an expensive prospect. Your main concern will be to keep your car maintained to minimise wear, preserve its value and minimise the risk of a very expensive “pitstop”.
Remember that not all possible car problems are covered by an MOT inspection. MOTs are about road safety not reliability and a full service is a far better way of avoiding breakdowns or more chronic issues. Clutch problems are not uncommon, although this may reflect your driving style or the driving style of a previous owner - it’s a Ferrari after all. Owners also report that the cam belts need changing every few years.
Some Ferraris (for example the 360) have been criticised for providing poor lighting on dark country roads, so keeping the beam direction perfectly tuned will help to minimise any issues with this.
Ferraris have big engines and a light chassis. As a result, they vibrate quite a bit. When there’s vibration, anything loose will get looser - wing mirrors for example, so keep an eye on those. The same vibration can accelerate wear on the engine mounts. These are items to have inspected routinely.


High-performance vehicles need tyres in tip-top condition. Tyres are not the most expensive item your Ferrari will need, so consider changing them before they reach that minimum tread-depth. Using the same tyre front and back is usually recommended for a Ferrari.
Pirelli high-performance tyres such as the P-Zero Rosso are a common choice for Ferraris, and Pirelli Cinturato are the officially recommended tyre for vintage models. However, high-performance Pirelli tyres can be soft-wearing and our public roads are not racetracks. In the 1980s, Ferrari favoured the more steadfast and durable Michelin range. Tyre professionals usually recommend Michelin Pilot SuperSport for cars of the 80s and 90s.
Nevertheless, a harder wearing Bridgestone should be on your shortlist. Many owners who’ve switched have reported improved feel, grip and wear and Ferrari seem to agree - fitting Bridgestone tyres as standard on several recent models. The preferred tyre for Portofino convertibles and the F12 Berlinetta is the Bridgestone Potenza S007 Run-Flat.

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