Servicing for my Dacia

Although taken over by Renault in 1999, Dacia is a very successful Romanian company and remains that country’s biggest single exporter. The range has included compact and taxi-sized saloons as well as minivans, convertibles, pick-ups, and stretched limousines; and more recently a compact SUV (the Dacia Duster), and new hatchback (the Sandero).
Like the Volkswagen “Beetle” or Morris “Moggy”, early Dacia models are a popular enthusiast car. Under Renault’s influence, recent models including the Duster, Logan, Sandero, Lodgy and Dokker come with the benefits of modern styling and better engines but still at highly attractive price points.

How often do I need servicing for my Dacia?

Most Dacia models are all-round reliable cars, especially considering their price point, so if you look after them they will serve you well for many years. As Dacia prices are gradually rising toward Renault prices, older models should retain their value well if they’re accompanied by a good service history. Consequently, combining a full service with your annual Protyre MOT makes good sense for your wallet as well as for your driving safety.

Common Dacia problems

There are anecdotal reports of stalls due either to twitchy timing or fuel line problems. Ask our fully qualified fitters to do a tune-up if you are having this problem.
Cars from earlier years sometimes had body panels manufactured in India instead of Romania and those seem more prone to rust. It’s easy to avoid any bodywork or corrosion problems developing by giving your car a regular pressure wash and a wax. Protyre’s experts will warn you if there is any sign of impending corrosion issues.


Shipping new cars with an emergency repair kit instead of a spare tyre has been an increasing trend in recent years. Whether you want to invest in a fifth wheel or not, the best thing to do is minimise the risk of a puncture. You can do this by buying good quality new tyres and checking their condition on a regular basis.
Don’t wait for an annual MOT or service to check your tyres. Most manufacturers recommend checking them fortnightly. While most of us can spot a gash or nail-head, abnormal tyre wear can be harder to identify so why not let Protyre’s tyre professionals do it for you? Drive into any Protyre garage and our qualified fitters will give all four (or five) the benefit of their expertise.
An excellent new tyre available for most Dacia models is the Falken Sincera. The Falken Sincera is designed to improve fuel economy yet retains excellent handling in wet weather. Dacias have a fairly light build so the quiet rolling Sincera will also help reduce noise inside the cabin.

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To retain a reputation for producing reliable cars at the most affordable prices, Dacia has to make a few savings somewhere. Often this includes items such as car radios and spare tyres.
Fitting a car radio or sound system into a Dacia is not always straightforward. Generic off-the-shelf car radios don't fit into some models and others require some fairly involved wiring adaptation. Our expert technicians will be more than happy to locate a compatible radio and safely fit it for you.
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