Servicing for my Chrysler

Since coming to Europe in the sixties Chrysler has steered a somewhat tortuous path; at different times uniting with Peugeot, Mitsubishi, Daimler and currently the Fiat group. In addition to selling vehicles under the Chrysler name, the firm also owns Jeep, Dodge, Ram and SRT. They also ship the Ypsilon - really a Fiat Lancia. The best-known models are the Chrysler Town and Country estates and minivans, a name first used in 1940. Another popular model is the Chrysler 300, especially the contemporary 300C.

How often do I need servicing for my Chrysler?

Combining a full service with your annual Protyre MOT makes sense, but some things are worth checking more often. These include the oil quality, tyre pressures, and battery terminals.

What are the common Chrysler problems?

In our experience, many Chrysler models run hot and burn through their oil relatively quickly. If you allow sludge to build up in your engine oil, it increases your chances of developing a more serious cooling problem. Officially, Chrysler recommends a complete oil change every 7500 miles for many models but this might be too optimistic. Consider changing it every 3000 miles and checking its quality every three months. Synthetic motor oils are cleaner and are less likely to lead to sludge accumulation. The qualified fitters in any Protyre garage will be happy to recommend the best oil for your Chrysler model.
Vehicles with less than 50,000 miles on the clock should not be using more than a quart of oil every 1000 miles. If you are, ask our qualified fitters to check camshaft plugs, crankshaft seals and valve cover gaskets for you.

Battery checks

Most batteries last no longer than 6 years and some as little as 2. Condition tests are often available free of charge at battery outlets.
An easy-to-remedy problem with many Chryslers arises from the metal caps fitted to battery terminals. These are prone to corrode, leading to bad contacts and eventually more serious issues. It is a simple matter to have them replaced with compatible plastic covers.
The electrical system in Chryslers is quite complicated and has been prone to problems over the years, ranging from issues with the motorised mirrors and windows up to engine cut-outs. Corroded battery terminals cause current instability that can hasten these more serious problems.

Protyre offer a range of free checks to keep your vehicle safely on the road, including free battery checks. Click the button below to book your Chrysler in today.

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Tyre checks

While they are a great bonus, never rely on automatic tyre pressure sensors. A regular manual check is also an opportunity to inspect your tread for damage or wear. There have been reports of valve damage and valve cap corrosion on many factory-fitted Chrysler tyres (especially the 300C), so remember to check this too.
New tyres are an opportunity to improve the safety and performance of your Chrysler. A common criticism of several Chryslers is that steering can be a little sluggish at the front when cornering. High-performance tyres such as the Pirelli P Zero may tighten this up a little if it bothers you.

Protyre offer Free Tyre Checks at all of our depots. Click the button below to book your Chrysler in and let our expert technicians provide you with sound, impartial advice on the condition of your tyres and the most suitable tyres for your vehicle.

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Since many Grand Voyagers have recently been shipped with no spare tyre you may wish to consider run-flat tyres, for example the Pirelli P Zero Run Flat.
Protyre are specialists in both tyres and servicing. A garage finder is provided here on the site and bookings can be made by phone or online at any time.