Servicing for my Chevrolet

Protyre is the smart choice when your Chevrolet needs servicing. Whatever model you drive, regular maintenance and upkeep is the smart way to maximise fuel efficiency and optimal driving comfort. At Protyre, we pride ourselves on our professional service and ability to get the job done to the highest possible standards. Whether your Silverado needs a quick check-up or your Equinox is booked in for our Gold standard service, we’re the local garage you can trust.

Does my Chevrolet need a service?

At Protyre we recommend that you get your car serviced every 12 months or 12,000 miles. But there are some tell-tale signs that you might need to bring your car in for a service before then:

  • If your engine warning light stays on then you could have a problem that needs looking at straightaway

  • If you hear strange noises from under the bonnet or there’s a louder exhaust noise than usual

  • If your car pulls or vibrates when you brake, you could have worn tyres or brake pads

  • If the ride isn’t as comfortable as it should be

  • If there’s smoke or steam coming from under the bonnet

Each one of these warning signs means that your Chevrolet needs attention so why not book in for one of our free safety checks and a Gold****, Silver or Bronze service as soon as possible.

Regular servicing can catch small issues before they become big problems, protecting your investment in advanced Chevrolet technology. Whether you drive a Cruze, Equinox or Silverado, our expert technicians can help you stay one step ahead so you can enjoy trouble free motoring and peace of mind.
If your Chevrolet is a real workhorse, clocking up the urban commuting miles, then consider booking in for a Bronze service whenever you think your vehicle could do with a thorough going over.
Many drivers opt for our Silver interim service every 6 months/6000 miles for increased drive efficiency and better fuel economy. Reduce your risk of a breakdown by putting your Chevrolet in the capable hands of our technicians.
Book your car in once a year for a full-scale Gold service, designed to keep any make of Chevrolet in optimum condition. Try booking in for this top of the range service with your MOT to save time and money and let our skilled technicians take care of your vehicle with the bespoke service plan that’s right for you.

Common Chevrolet problems

In our experience, common problems with Chevrolets include body issues, interior wear and tear and air conditioning issues but our professional technicians are skilled in detecting a range of problems, whatever the make and model of your car.
Chevrolet claims that, in real-world tests, their vehicles are among the most reliable in the world. A regular servicing protocol and ongoing maintenance will keep your car in peak condition and you can book in for free our safety checks at any time so you can drive away with total confidence.

Book your Protyre service today

At Protyre our tyre professionals can fit your vehicle with a brand-new set of Pirelli or Bridgestone tyres if needed - and so much more besides, so why not book in for your Protyre service today?