BMW Service

BMW is a premium marque that is much loved by owners across the country. However, BMWs, as with all premium products, do require a little more maintenance than your average vehicle to keep them operating at peak efficiency and to ensure safety on the road.

Your local Protyre garage offers three different options for your next BMW car service to ensure that your vehicle is maintained in a safe and roadworthy condition but that your wallet does not need to suffer for it.

Options for a BMW service

Bronze Service

This basic 27-point check is ideal for drivers who perform high mileage and wish to get their vehicle checked in between major services. Many drivers opt for a Bronze service before the start of winter so that their engine, steering and exhaust systems can be checked, anti-freeze topped up, and oil and filters changed. At this point, our qualified fitters will also check that your tyres are in suitable condition to tackle any challenges that the change in environmental conditions could cause.

Silver Service

This 48-point check - silver service is a more comprehensive option in which fan belts, auxiliary belts, lights, batteries and many other systems and components will be checked to ensure that they are in a safe and fully operational condition with no signs of wear or degradation, which could pose a safety risk to drivers, passengers or other road users.

Gold Service

This 59-point check is equivalent to a full service and covers all of the systems and components that maintain your vehicle in a safe and roadworthy condition. In our experience, any BMW that is purchased without a full service history should be booked in for a Gold service at the earliest opportunity to identify and rectify any defects that may exist. High mileage BMW drivers would benefit from booking a Gold service annually to maintain peak performance.

Benefits of a Protyre BMW service

Our comprehensive network of local garages spans the length and breadth of the UK, so there will nearly always be a Protyre near you. You can find your local Protyre garage online and book a service via our website at a time, date and location to suit your needs.

All work is carried out by our qualified fitters, and the parts used are guaranteed for 12 months or 12,000 miles for your peace of mind. We also offer an industry-leading range of tyres and our expert fitters will advise on what tyres will best suit your vehicle, driving style and the environmental conditions in which the vehicle will be used. Choose from leading manufacturers such as Pirelli and Continental, or select a suitable budget option from our range.

Why it is essential to service your BMW

Whilst BMWs are a premium vehicle, without the correct maintenance, they can be plagued by problems, which, if unchecked, can cause a significant safety risk. There have been various recalls for BMWs over the years, and issues with the suspension,

ABS and ECU systems are common. BMWs are heavy on their tyres, which can cause excessive wear and historic child restraint failures mean that these systems require regular inspection.

When you choose Protyre having searched BMW service near me, you will benefit from our experience and expertise with these vehicles. We understand how precious your car is to you and are knowledgeable about the faults that it may present, so we will offer a cost-effective and efficient service to resolve any issues that you are experiencing and to keep your car running safely for as long as possible.

If you require your BMW service book to be stamped, please bring it with you to your appointment. Our team will be happy to complete all paperwork necessary to substantiate the work that has been completed and to provide guarantees for all parts that have been fitted during the service.

If you own a BMW book a service online or contact our professional team of vehicle experts at your local Protyre for further advice and assistance. We look forward to keeping you safe on the road