Servicing for my BMW

Sadly, the BMW 3 and 5 series top the Which? list of unreliable cars, while the X5 has numerous headaches. Regular servicing is essential. Protyre garages have excellent familiarity with BMW and offer better customer service and prices than many BMW dealerships.
Many BMWs were recalled in 2014 because of a tendency for bolts securing the variable camshaft timing housing (VANOS) to snap. Check your service history to ensure your car received preventative upgrades.

BMW 1 Series servicing

Watch emissions and front suspension. Blocked bulkhead drains cause water to reach the wiring looms. Ensure the brake fluid cap is watertight.
ABS pump failures and brittle timing chain tensioners are common in series 1, 3, and 5.

BMW 3 Series servicing

Tyre upgrades can alleviate noisy running and many drivers dislike the over-firm feel. Disparity in wear between front and rear often confuses the AWD system, impeding acceleration.
Brake pads wear out quickly. N20/N26 engines were recalled in 2013/14 due to potential brake failures. Check your service history for the modification.
Turbo actuator problems cause intermittent power loss, while ECU problems cause startup failures. Heavy or juddering clutch and 'notchy' gear changes should be investigated - consider changing the xDrive clutch delay valve.

BMW 5 Series servicing

Tyre upgrades solve many niggles, as the originals make the steering too light. Front tyre wear or a leftward pull are commonly due to poor alignment.
A/C condensers with poorly-soldered seams were fitted on thousands of these cars. N47 variants were recalled for replacement of timing chain tensioners. Oil level problems are often caused by auto DPF regeneration. Clutch problems and gearbox noises are common. Bluetooth problems can drain the battery.

BMW X3 servicing

Child safety issues have arisen in X3, X5 and Z4 models. Child restraint mountings and safety door locks should be checked regularly. Original tyres have poor durability.

BMW X5 servicing

X5s are heavy on tyres, brakes, steering bushes, rear suspension and running costs. Opting for durable fuel-efficient tyres helps.
Front brake discs need frequent replacement. Oil levels are affected by the auto-regenerating DPF. Rear light cluster seals let in water.
There have been several recalls for fire hazards. Ask your Protyre garage to check that all applicable modifications have been made.
Problems with oil pumps are common and there is a known problem with servo valves on automatics. ECU failures are common in the 3.0-litre diesel.

BMW Z4 servicing

The Z4 shares the Bluetooth and ABS issues of other models. Power steering is fault prone in 2011 models.
N20/N26 engines from 2012/3 were recalled due to power brake assist failures caused by constricted oil supply.