Servicing for my Aston Martin

Servicing is central to keeping your Aston Martin in tip top condition, not only to maintain its value but also to ensure that you get the best use from it. A poorly serviced car incurs greater depreciation and can be expensive to run, as well as being potentially dangerous. Many people find paying main dealer prices to be expensive. This is particularly true with high value cars, whether you're looking for classic Aston Martin DB7 servicing, DB9 servicing or GT Vanquish servicing, or indeed, servicing for any other model from the world-renowned Aston Martin stable.

You don't, however, need to pay main dealership rates. At Protyre, we are proud to be the local garage you can trust. As well as supplying an extensive range of tyres, we also offer superb value servicing with our Gold (Full)Silver (Interim) and Bronze (Check up) packages. These are designed to match your specific requirements, whether you simply need a checkup or you want a major service. These regular services can be conducted at specialist service centres and our network of local garages doesn't carry the overheads of running a main dealership, helping to keep down the costs for you, the customer. 

Our range of 3 service plans offers an easy way to choose the right package for you, and our skilled technicians will take great care of you and your Aston Martin.
These simple yet comprehensive service plans cover all the vital checks and maintenance you would expect on your Aston Martin, at a competitive price. 
We carry out checks in the following categories:
1) Engine inspection, oil and filter change
2) Electrical component inspection
3) Drive-train system and fluids
4) Steering and suspension
5) Windscreen and mirrors
6) Exhaust system
7) Braking system
8) Tyre inspection
9) Other miscellaneous checks

If you book an MOT test at the same time as your service, you will get even greater value, as we will offer the MOT for just £20. This will save you almost £10 on our usual low price, which is already significantly cheaper than most main dealers' rates, and will also save you the stress and inconvenience of making two visits to the garage.

At Protyre, you are sure to get our trusted and valued care and expertise without paying premium prices, so why not use our online booking system next time your Aston Martin DB7, DB9, Vanquish or other Aston is due for service?